Identifying the Best Commercial Oven for Sale

Commercial Oven

Among the most significant equipment in a foodservice operation is the commercial oven. Whether you have a well-established restaurant franchise or just starting with your food business, your oven is certainly used every day. 

This article will assist you in selecting the best commercial oven for sale for your business.

Oven types

Although affordability is an important factor, there is more to it than that. It’s crucial to keep the oven’s purpose in mind while also considering your needs and expectations. Here are some main commercial oven categories.

Oven range

The oven range is among the main oven types, with a big internal cavity for pastries, sweets, or cooking meat and electric burners or open gas on top. 

In addition, solid tops, induction hobs, and a grill are available on most higher-end models, making them a superb all-around alternative.

Convection oven

The fan oven, popularly known as a convection oven, utilises an internal fan that disperses heat across the panel, making it more efficient than a complete oven range. 

As a result, meat shrinkage and cooking times are reduced, resulting in increased production and minimal to no waste.

Several of the most energy-efficient models can be powered by a single 13A connection, making them ideal for events caterers and pastry and restaurant operations.

Combination oven

These are the most powerful and advanced cooking equipment in the commercial kitchen and are also known as combi steamers or combi ovens. Convection or steam, or a combination of the two, are used when cooking in combi ovens

It indicates they can perform the functions of several different types of cookers in a single piece of equipment, eliminating any need to switch pans among appliances and saving time and effort.

Conveyor or pizza oven

A conveyor or pizza oven is ideal for high-volume, uniform cooking. These fast cook dishes like pies, burritos, pizza, and more by employing a chain of rollers to drag food through the powerful heating components gradually. These are commonly found in takeouts or food halls.

You can also cook almost everything you can prepare in a regular oven in this type of oven. However, it must fit through a narrow 3-5″ hole. Pizzas are often cooked in conventional stone surface “deck” oven along with conveyor ovens for the ultimate stuffed crust or thin pizza.

High-speed oven

High-speed ovens, as the term suggests, are designed for ultra-quick cooking. These are ideally used in quickly as possible “while waiting” businesses since they can prepare food up to 20 times faster than standard ovens. 

These guarantee you achieve the results you need in a relatively short time by utilising numerous cooking processes.

What to keep in mind?

Aside from knowing the types of commercial ovens, it is also very important to check for these things when going after a commercial oven for sale for your business to make sure what you’ll get is worth every penny.

  • Check the size if it’ll fit the place where you will place the oven.
  • Check its power type as it can run by either electricity or gas.
  • Check if there’s a need for extraction.
  • Lastly, check the plumbing and water.

Thriving in the food industry is not as easy as you think, but with the help of such appliances, you can make sure that quality service and products are served to customers.


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