Marine Collagen- Find out how to add it to your diet.

Marine Collagen

Collagen is a structural protein of the human body. It is found in the connective tissues like bones, skin, muscles and tendons. Though it is the predominant protein, the human body produces less and less of it with each passing year. Thus, making it necessary for you to incorporate marine collagen powder citrus lime flavour in your daily diet. 

You must be aware of various supplements that take care of the depleting levels of vitamins and nutrients in the human body; Marine collagen supplements are no exception. Collagen supplements work along with the elastin to provide firmness to the tissues while adding strength and flexibility to the body.

Marine collagen in different forms

Marine collagen products are versatile and are available in many different forms, including:

Collagen Powder

Marine collagen powder is the most convenient way to reap the benefits of this amazing protein. Whether it is your morning coffee or afternoon smoothie, just add it and stir it to enjoy its benefits. The powdered form of collagen protein is dissolvable in both cold and hot liquids.

Liquid Collagen

There is no denying that proteins in a liquid form are much easier for your body to digest. Your body needs to put extra effort to extract nutrients from a solid form in comparison to liquid forms. Hence, it can be said that liquid collagen provides a faster way to digest and absorb marine collagen quickly.

Collagen Tablets/ Capsules

Collagen tablets/ Capsules are the most popular and widely used form of collagen. It is the most suitable way to level up your body’s collagen production. But remember, if you are taking collagen capsules, you may have to take more pills if you want to have the same amount of collagen that the powdered form provides.

Benefits of marine collagen

There are many! Here are a few amazing benefits of marine collagen. Read on!

Strengthen your bones

Calcium and phosphorus are essential for maintaining bone strength, but their deficiency puts you at risk for osteoporosis since they are difficult to absorb. Studies show that specific collagen peptides work on improving bone mineral density. They help in the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals that are beneficial for bone strength.

Slow down aging

Collagen in your skin starts to degrade at age 21 and continues throughout adulthood, leading to saggy and wrinkled skin. 70% of your skin contains Type 1 collagen. Therefore, supplementing with marine peptides- the Type 1 collagen helps to replenish your skin and reverse aging.

Improves your quality sleep

Yes, it is true! Glycine, the most prevalent amino acid present in collagen, offers impressive sleep-enhancing benefits, which improves your overall health and well-being. You get Marine collagen powder in citrus lime flavour and flavourless; depending on your choice, you can opt for any of these and reap the benefits.

Improves your gut health

Glycine and glutamine- the two amino acids that are crucial in rebuilding the tissues of your digestive system, are the main components of marine collagen. Therefore, supplementing with marine collagen benefits those who are struggling with irritable bowel syndrome or leaky gut.

Is marine collagen right for you?

Well, it is an easy addition to any health and lifestyle. Whether you wish to make your bones stronger or heal your gut or nourish your skin, or just want to incorporate protein into your diet, adding collagen into your diet is sure to improve your health and make a huge difference to your well-being in the long term. But if you are trying it for the first time and have some serious health issues, talk to your doctor first.


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