Style your home with decorative pots and planters.

decorative pots

Gone are the days when pots and planters used to be dull, faded and unappealing. Today, there is a fantastic selection of wholesale ceramic pots and planters available in the market. Reports suggest that gardening and caring for houseplants have gained immense popularity these days, resulting in a growing demand for decorative ceramic pots. Besides investing in exotic and rare plant varieties, most avid gardeners and enthusiastic plant owners are also dropping cash on pots to hold their collection of plants. 

If you are also thinking of adding potted plants inside your home or on the patio or balcony, remember, choosing the right size and design of the pots is essential to complement your space and accentuate it well. Here are some tips for styling potted plants in your home. Read on!

What style of pot is best for the outdoors?

When styling your garden, try to choose pots that are in the same style as your garden. Ranging from classical terracotta to modern glazed urns, you will find an overwhelming variety at your disposal. So choose your pots and planters based on what style of garden you have whether it is traditionally styled or has a modern touch. This is important because if you have an array of pots that do not match the style of your garden, you will not be able to create the ambience you are coveting for.

Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule that only the pots have to be relegated to the ground level. Consider placing them on window ledges, into metal frames, or you can also suspend them from the wall or ceiling (if it is your balcony garden). But if you are doing so, you need to be extra careful while gardening and watering your plants; otherwise, you may end up spoiling your lovely walls. 

How to style your interiors with pots?

Who says that pots are meant to hold only the plants? Talk to an interior designer, and he will tell you the most exciting ways to use decorative ceramic pots to embellish your home. However, you don’t need to go anywhere. Here are some simple tips for you to revamp your place. 

Mix and match decorative pots

You can use different sized and shaped pots with complementary colours and group them to add a focal point. You can place them on your end table, at a corner of the room or even on a shelf. Try to make the larger one break up the visual look. 

Use them as a container.

It is the most appealing way to make use of pots. Yes! Take the small pots and place them on your bathroom counter to hold items. You can place the cotton balls, swabs, toothbrush or anything similar in the pots so that they are within easy reach in the bathroom. Or you can even use them at parties. Take a large urn filled with ice and use it to chill the bottles of wines and champagne. 

Style with different patterns and attractive materials

Another great idea is to invest in exquisitely designed pots made of different materials. You can think about a different geometric pattern, ceramic glaze, or terrazzo available in variant colours. This is a superb way to style your space and add a unique personal touch. 

Hopefully, now you have got a picture in mind of how you would like to style your place. If yes, browse the amazing collection of wholesale ceramic pots at a leading online store and grab the best one you like. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, there are many more exciting ways to embellish your home with pots and planters. Explore your taste and start styling your place.  


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