The best escape games

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It is the reality

Online games illustrate to the player a variety of situations that can hardly be simulated in real life – but not like in escape games. Because what is available online can be done offline now. In escape room games, you have to stand your ground in tense situations and solve puzzles to escape. In these games, self-interest takes a back seat, so the focus is on team play. Each team member must work together to escape before time runs out. If members are tense with each other, they make the task more difficult and may fail during the game.

Team up to the finish line

Solving a puzzle on its own may require only a little effort. The main difficulty in escape room games is that time is running out. And this awareness puts increasing pressure on even the most patient person. That is why miscommunication, as in real life, will not get you ahead in the game! We should learn to listen to each other, keep an open mind, and create harmony. Players need to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses to use them to their advantage.

The game has an impact on everyday life

Strength in unity, they say. Escape rooms only reinforce this statement. Although one may first think of such an activity as relaxing, by the end of the game, it can impact our daily lives. It improves our resilience by making us need the help of another person in an uncomfortable situation. In such situations, we shed our insecurities, open ourselves up to the other person, and we can think together. Practical lessons learned here have a positive impact on everyday life. Your communication can improve, and you can measure each other’s skills and strengths, and allocate tasks accordingly. In addition, trust will increase, and communication gaps will decrease.

Group dynamics background

In an escape room game, practices from everyday life need to be rewritten. Physical strength and lexical knowledge do not count that much, instinct and pure logic will be the team’s savior. Players will find themselves in a completely new environment, so they are forced to show a new side to their teammates. Our primary goal will be to use the power of the community to move the team forward. This experience is a good guide for each participant in the future.


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