Using Big Data to Improve Retail Assortment Planning

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Planning, it is often neglected in doing business. It is basically the foundation of any business. Without planning to do something means that you don’t know where to go but you are traveling. Having a good plan for your business is the basic need to grow your business. In business there are many kinds of planning such as product assortment planning – it is planning related to stores regarding what to offer, to your customer at a different location, it is the understanding of what to offer and what not to offer to the customer by keeping in mind the interest of the customer. In making this decision one must have the basic knowledge about the internal and external environment of the market. 

In this regard, retail data services that are provided by big data can be helpful to you. If you opt for big data as your mentor you can see the difference as it has a hawk-eye on the business market and is engaged with all the stakeholders. Therefore, it can provide you with good insight information regarding the market position. 

What is big data? 

These are experts in providing information regarding the condition of the market. They are all aware of the new trends, customers’ interest, market value, and all the information regarding the retail store. Thus they provide the retailer with accurate retail data services. 

Advantages of using Big data:-

1. They are experts in retail execution 

2. They use more advanced technology to cope with the market and get information. 

3. Provides engagement between the office and the ground. 

4. Provides the most precise information.

5. Helps in making good and accurate decisions. 

6. It has a wide spectrum of engagement with stakeholders which helps you in getting information. 

7. Its solution provides you to manage your store in a good manner. 

8. Helps you in removing the stuff and free up space in your store.

With the increase in technology, if one keeps himself stick with the old methods of business will not let him grow but it will eventually fall. A good business is backed up by many sources. There are many supports that one business has in its back. Such as a mentor, a website expert, your innovation. Similarly, like these, all things are needed one more thing is required and that thing is the collection of the required data. 

While sitting in the store and also managing it on the website, you don’t know much about what is going more trending in the upcoming days until and unless you have been guided by someone who has a hawk-eye on all the business around you. 

The basic requirement now is to know about what the customer is looking for? what the rates and prices of the products other stores are offering. Which item is not in good selling condition and what item is selling in a great deal. 

Thus getting all this information alongside the management of your business is not easy therefore the Big data is here to help you around. It will help you in providing the retail data services that will let you know about the customer’s interest and all the basic information that is necessary for your store. 


In the end, I would just like to say that I am a personal user of Big data for retail data services. They have provided me with great and accurate information about the market. Therefore, I suggest you have a go with big data to get highly ranked in the market.


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