Tooth decay is the phenomenon that revolves around the destruction of tooth structure. It can have a severe impact on the enamel that is the outer layer of the teeth as well as the dental pulp. Tooth decay, also known as cavities are the hard permanent surface that develops into tiny holes and openings on teeth. The most significant contributing factors that cause cavities and tooth decay are the presence of bacteria in the mouth, consistent snacking, consuming frizzy and sugary drinks, and improper teeth brushing. 

According to studies, tooth decay is one of the most common health problems. The most probable affectees of cavities are children, teenagers, and elders. However, any person with teeth can fall victim to tooth decay. 

Tooth decays, if left untreated, can cause havoc in your mouth. From damaging the inner layers of the teeth to causing excruciating pain, nobody would want to go through such agony. That is why dentists are always on about having proper oral hygiene that includes adequate brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash. 

The following is the list of chief factors that cause tooth decay and cavities in human beings: 



The type of teeth that are most vulnerable to tooth decay are the teeth at the back – molars, and premolars. These have a lot of crannies, grooves, and a high number of roots that can catch food particles easily. Since they are at the back, it is an arduous job to keep them clean 24/7 as compared to the easy-to-reach front teeth. As a result, they fall target to acid fluctuation and then tooth decay. 


Certain foods are stubborn and attach to the teeth. Such foods are honey, sugar, cookies, cakes, milk, candies, ice cream, mints, and dry fruits. The reason these foods are the most common culprits of food decay is that they cling on to the surface of the teeth as they don’t wash away by saliva. 


  Young children and teenagers obsessively focus a lot on snacks and consume sugary drinks regularly. This steady snacking and sipping allow bacteria more room to produce acid and harm the teeth. The continuous acid bath over the teeth damages their structure and colour immensely, causing cavities. 


Ever wondered why dentists are so adamant about brushing teeth? Regular and proper brushing helps scrape the fresh tartar formation and ceases the accumulation of hard plaque. As a consequence, the buildup of cavities in teeth is mitigated. Without proper brushing after every meal, the food lingers on the teeth and causes increased acid production that leads to tooth decay. 


Fluoride works like a wonder against cavities. It is a naturally occurring mineral and, it is deliberately added into public water services. Fluoride is also one of the most common and vital ingredients in toothpaste and mouthwashes. Regular intake of fluoride can help you fight tooth decay efficiently, and reverse the initial stages of cavity formation. 

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