What Cleans Shower Tile The Best?


If you are thinking about how to cover all the shower tile area while doing the cleaning then this article will help to know it is a better and effective way. After this, shower tiles cleaning will be an overwhelming process for you. So, you need to keep the tiles and shower place clean especially for the better grout and sealant. 

Don’t worry, you can do the deep cleaning of shower tiles and floor with the help of all-natural ingredients and things that are already available in your home. On the other hand, following cleaning things and products can buy easily from any kind of drug store. However, you need to follow the appropriate instructions while using these things as tiles cleaner. 

So, let’s begin to follow all the steps and methods to get the professional cleaning results:

Run Hot Water Simply On Tiles:

Hot water will help to pre-treat your shower tiles. However, it depends on the cleaning level of tiles and quality as well. You need to simply run out the hot water onto the shower tiles. Hot water will help to offer effective cleaning results by opening the pores of tiles. 

On the other hand, hot water helps to lose the hard stains and dust on the tiles within no time. Moreover, you don’t even need to scrub the tiles. Because scrubbing is a hard process for shower tiles. So, shower tiles cleaning helps to offer better pre-cleaning results. 

After spreading the hot water, gently scrub the tiles if required with the help of a cloth and soft bristle brush. However, scrubbing is not necessary if the tiles are not dirty. You can see the cleaning results right after wiping out the water from the tiles and grout. 

Use Vinegar Spray:

Vinegar offers the magical cleaning results like professional tiles cleaner for your shower tiles and floor. So, to clean the shower tiles, mix the vinegar with water to make a spray. Now, spread the solution on the tiles with the help of sprayer. 

Apply the solution on all the tiles as well as a grout for better and effective results. Let it sit for more than 30 minutes. But if the tiles are dirtier than you can leave it overnight as well. Don’t worry, it will not damage your tiles and grout without leaving any residue and scum on the tiles. 

Later on, remove the solution with the help of plain water and dee dry the whole tiles and floor. On the other hand, you can also do the scrubbing while applying the vinegar, especially in the dirtier areas. 

Apply Baking Soda:

Baking soda offers effective cleaning results by removing the hard stains and spills without damaging the quality of tiles and grout. so, you can use it separately and with water to clean the shower tiles efficiently. 

To use it with water, make a thick mixture of baking soda and water. Now put that paste on all the shower tiles areas to remove all the stubborn stains. Gently scrub the area with the help of a soft cloth. 

Moreover, if the stains are hard, you can use the baking soda with vinegar as well. It will help to remove all the build-up of soap scum and spills within no time. Now you can scrub the area with the help of a brush. 

Once you have done with scrubbing for professional shower tiles cleaning, Wipeout all the residue and solution with the help of plain water or mopping. While cleaning the tiles, you can use a simple and small brush also to reach out all the joint lines and corner areas. 

Rinse out all the solution with water to remove all the debris and residue in a better way. keep in mind, you need to dry out the place appropriately to save the place from mold and mildew. Moreover, it will help to get the job done in the right and effective way. 

Apply Chlorine Bleach:

While doing the deep and professional shower tiles cleaning, you can use the chlorine bleach as a tiles cleaner just for the hard stains. However, you need to do this activity with complete care and precaution. Because bleach is dangerous and harmful to the clothes. 

That’s why to wear the gloves and face mask also to save yourself from any kind of interaction with this product. So, this product will offer excellent cleaning results as well as disinfect the area from germs and bacteria. 

While using this bleach on tiles, you need to do the proper protection of grout. because it can damage and break the grout in serious cases. Therefore, it’s better to use this product by following all the guidelines and instructions. 


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