What exactly do you need to know about piano removals?

know about piano removals
know about piano removals

So, you need to relocate your belongings to a new house, and you also require to move your piano safely. However, it is not a simple task that you can handle with your friends and family persons. If you try to do on your own, then it is certain that you will end you damaging your piano. That’s is why removal companies specifically offer piano removals service.

This post gives all information that you need. So, you must read it carefully. It will help you in the future.

What is the cost of piano removals?

It is not a simple and discreet question to answer because it all depends on many factors. Every company will quote you the different prices. However, the cost of removal depends upon the following.

  • Category of your piano
  • Total distance from your house to the next location
  • Where your piano is located
  • How fast do you want to move to?

Moreover, every company has different criteria for setting the price. That’s why you will never get the optimum price from any source on the internet.

Generally, companies charge the customer by the following procedures.

  • Hourly fee
  • Flat fee

The best way to know the right price

If you want to pay the most reasonable price, then you must follow the procedure: call several companies and tell them everything about your piano and ask for a quote. You will get a different set of price range. So, decide the best that suits your budget. 

How companies move the piano from one house to another safely?

The piano is a great instrument that rejoices every person. However, it is heavyweight, delicate, and very difficult to move. If it has a collision or bumps during moving, then it can become unusable. That’s why it needs to be wrapped in protective blankets and protective padding. So, it must not be damaged.

Generally, companies use foam and similar padding for protection. Then, they move the piano with many men. So, it can be transported outside of the house without any damage. If the piano is on the second floor, then the stairs will be involved. In that case, companies use a dolly to pass the piano from stairs. After that, the piano is placed in the removal truck. Then, it is on its way to the new location. Moreover, companies also use straps for extra protection. That’s why you must ask the removal company to use straps.

What piano movers are necessary?

As it is mentioned earlier, the piano is a very delicate object that can lose its functions with abrupt handling. If you try to move the piano with unprofessional people, then you will end up damaging the quality and body of the piano. That’s why professional piano movers are necessary.

Final thoughts

You must contact different piano removals companies and ask for a quote. After that, you must select the most experienced and budget-friendly company. It will be best for you and your piano. Have a great day.


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