What Exactly Is This Bubble Tea? – Know The Top Flavours

Bubble Tea

Over the past months in 2022, there has been a lot of talk about Bubble Tea. People all over the world are going head over heels on the concept, which is leading to more bubble tea franchise opening. 

While we know it is exceptionally yummy and highly loved – what the drink is and where it comes from still seem to be a mystery.  No worries, as this short blog will give you all the information you need on all things Bubble tea. 

What is so special about bubble tea?

So bubble tea is an age-old Taiwanese recipe made by blending tea with milk, sweeteners, multiple fruits, and fruit juices. Lastly, some yummy marble-sized tapioca pearls are added, and the entire mixture is shaken vigorously. 

The tea is also referred to as Boba tea at times – primarily because of the bubble-shaped pearls, tapioca or boba. You can also add varied stuff to the tea, such as grass jelly or cream foam.

It has been a massive hit in China and nearby countries since the 1980s and is driving more and more popularity in other places now. 

What are bubble tea balls?

The quality of bubble tea is mainly dependent on the tapioca balls added to it. These balls are produced from tapioca starch which comes from the cassava root. Want to know the best part? These balls are naturally gluten free, yay!

Moreover, the black tapioca balls are boiled and then caramelised – this ensures that they leave their original white colour and gain some great flavour. The caramelised brown sugar syrup gives these pearls the beautiful dark colour you all love!

How does it taste?

Bubble tea usually comes in a sea of tastes depending on the added flavour. There are certain popular flavours, though, that you can run through to understand the options available.

Taro Milk Tea

This bubble tea is made by using taro root powder and milk to achieve a yummy, creamy, and relaxing tea.

Hong Kong Milk Tea or Black Milk Tea

This is our classic bubble tea flavour with the best-ever black tea, such as the standard Lipton ones clubbed with some condensed milk.

Thai Milk Tea

The Thai milk tea has some fantastic Thai tea leaves along with condensed milk and, finally, some tapioca pearls that give an excellent caffeine kick.


The Matcha bubble tea is made using matcha green tea powder, a top favourite for people from Asia. 


These bubble teas include strawberry flavoured tea and have the most beautiful garnishing with fresh strawberries. 

Tiger Milk Tea

Also known as the Brown Sugar Milk Tea, this variety of bubble tea has a brown sugar syrup added to the drink, giving the tea a sweet molasses-like taste.

Many other flavours are available in bubble teas with various Odong teas, such as Earl Grey, chai, green, jasmine, and many more. Other favourite flavours in Asia include yuzu, Yakult, white peach and lychee, along with sweet taro and the regular vanilla. 

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on what precisely bubble tea is and some of the best flavours available in the market. It is best to go for a reputed bubble tea franchise to get the authentic taste of these teas. If you like being adventurous in the kitchen, maybe try out a simple bubble tea recipe at home and enjoy. Additionally, try out the flavours to narrow down the top one for you!


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