What Should You Look for in an Online Coffee Roaster?

nline Coffee Roaster

Online reach and presence have been a real boon to the specialty coffee business in recent years. Today, several coffee roasters market their products on the internet to reach a farther and larger audience. Consequently, you can now enjoy the labours of accomplished and expert roasters that you would typically not have access to. 

However, if you look for an online coffee roaster, you will be provided with several online roasters to choose from. Hence, this sea of choices can be overwhelming for you, making it difficult which online roaster to go. Luckily, this article will help you!

So, if you are interested in buying your next coffee online, here are the top qualities you should look for in an online coffee roaster. 

1. Roasts coffee beans fresh

An online roaster should be roasting the coffee beans once you have placed your order. It is not ideal that your online roaster has already roasted the coffee beans beforehand because the coffee beans are already not fresh, which compromises its quality. Hence, your online roaster should only roast your coffee beans after ordering. 

2. Has different varieties and a wide selection of coffee beans

Your online coffee bean roaster should have various coffee beans that you can choose from. If you plan to explore and try different coffee bean varieties, having an online roaster that offers a wide selection is ideal to purchase everything on the same site. 

3. Offers varying packages and sizes

An ideal online coffee bean roaster should be able to sell coffee beans in different packaging sizes. This various packaging is crucial, especially to those trying to save money by purchasing in bulk or those who want to try out a new roast by buying only a bag or pack. 

4. Packages coffee beans right

Your online roaster should be transparent on how the packaging of your coffee beans should be. In most cases, a vacuum-sealed container containing a one-way valve is considered the most ideal and best packaging for coffee beans. This packaging is suitable because coffee beans can still produce minute amounts of gases days after roasting, and hence the air requires a way to get out. In addition to that, a one-way valve packaging also prevents the coffee beans from going stale quicker by blocking outside air from going in. 

5. Shows varying prices of coffee beans

Your online roaster store should provide you with the convenience of being able to quickly and efficiently compare prices between coffee beans. The online coffee bean store should also be able to give you the best coffee bean without having to spend too much. 

There are a lot of online coffee bean roasters that you can choose from. Hence, it can sometimes be overwhelming, making it hard to find the right online roaster for you. With that, before placing an order with an online coffee bean store, you must look for the five considerations pointed out above to land with the best online roaster possible.


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