Will The Network Marketing Opportunity Fulfill Any Dream Of Mine?

Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?
Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?

Why? how? In simplified terms, any of your dreams will be fulfilled with one or more 5 things: time, money, health, relationships, prayer. A balanced combination of all 5 is available in all network marketing opportunities. Now I have no need to explain how all these 5 are embedded in network marketing opportunities.

If the question remains in your mind that you have not understood the basics of the industry and you will probably need a CD or another dose of meetings to correct your associations.

So let’s look at the more complex part … and it’s about developing the connection. The relationship between what is on offer and what you want. Let me start with an example.

I once met a gentleman named Doug Wade, who was born as the son of a church minister. He said that he has no ‘silly dream’ of traveling home, car, or even the world. Despite this, his sponsor insisted that he dig deep and keep a finger on his dream.

What would he really want in life? And Doug, being an ardent follower of history, concluded, “I want to have a place in history”. And he went through the motions of professional networking. Days passed. Months passed. And in a few years, Doug interviewed President Nixon on his US tour with Gorbachev, dining with Ronald Reagan.

He positioned himself at the Whitehouse as a special adviser to 2 US presidents. He was traveling all over the world, where history was being written. Berlin Kazakhstan, Tianmen. He wrote biographies of great leaders. He loved writing, but before the days of network marketing, he had only 2 books.

Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?
Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?

He has since written 26 more counts. Because he got the necessary time. He got resources.

He developed contacts. And yes, money. Doug’s charitable organizations fund the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) in Kolkata. Their resources support scores of AIDS-affected villages in Africa. Their trucks were the first to reach tsunami victims in Indonesia. Doug is in history. Be careful what you dream!

Another gentleman I have met was a former vice president of Citibank in Indonesia. Robert Ankasa; A man who dreamed of becoming a top gun and a role model in his industry. Even though he started out as an ordinary middle-class kid who cleaned toilets in Australia to complete his postgraduate management studies, he became a man who could concentrate on the end and not get stuck on the means. And a visionary who served as an inspiration to very middle-class Indonesians and people around the world.

Ankasa – through his network marketing opportunity – personally mentioned diamonds and above to around 50 families. His wealth is valued at several hundred million dollars.

And it has evolved over the last decade, of which he spent three years building a network parallel to a high-pressure bank job. And then he was free. for life. Always. To serve as an instrument of substantial socio-economic change in Indonesia and – for example – in the rest of the world.

Ankasa tells us stories of discipline that Indonesians are famous for. As are the Chinese. Jim Dornan makes special mention in his path-breaking book, co-authored with John John well, ‘Becoming a Person of Influence’. He says in a light vein, “It’s not falling into a lake that will drown you …

It’s staying there for what it will be”. As we know that we dive into the water, it is best that we keep going. And we become figures for another network marketing failure. And actually lose the opportunity to live our dreams.

Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?
Will the network marketing opportunity fulfill any dream of mine?

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Coming back to your context, what would keep you away from pursuing network marketing opportunities (seemingly tangible) to realize your dreams now? 3 things: one, being a protector (or not believing). Two, not having internal confidence that this is a viable strategy despite the clarity. Or three, impatience.

While the first can be mentioned by locating a patron, the second is more difficult. It calls for an intentional movement outside of the traditional thought process and you know that… doing so kicks a person out forever! all walks of life !!

So it is definitely worth the effort and chances are it is easier than you think if you live among a network marketing peer group and are adventurously close to your mentor. For the third barrier, it is a weak habit and successful people will do best after breaking it.

Like all good things, network marketing is not a quick fix to issues. But it is generally seen that the achievements of a networker over a period of five years drive the non-networker away from all walks of life. How is it Simply because of network habits for good habits and positive company.


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