Your Guide to Hiring a Trusted Electrician in Richmond, Victoria


Approximately 76 Australians report electric shock or electrical-related accidents annually. Whether faulty wiring at work or fluctuations at home, poor electrical systems make your surroundings unsafe. Since fixing electrical issues without a proper permit or license is illegal in Victoria, hiring electrical services is an excellent idea.

Professional electricians fix, replace, or install the electrical system, ensuring your safety. However, it is essential to hire the right electrician. When picking an electrician, ensure they are qualified and skilled. If you are looking for a trusted electrician in Richmond, Victoria, you are at the right place!

References and Recommendations

One of the first things to look for when hiring an electrician is references and recommendations. Ask your friends, family, or colleagues about trusted electricians. Additionally, browse their website for reviews, ratings, and testimonials. References and positive reviews from past or current clients add to their credibility.

Electrician Licence

Before selecting an electrician, make sure they are licensed. In Richmond, electricians require a licence given by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). A person cannot work or perform electrical jobs without an ESV-granted permit. Whether independent electricians or a business, a licence assures you they are legally permitted to work. Do not risk your safety by fixing electrical work yourself. A licensed electrician considers an electrical job’s security, financial, and legal ramifications.

Estimated Duration

Hire an electrician who provides an estimated duration and timeline of the electrical repair process. A high-quality and thorough job entails checking, fixing, repairing, replacing, and installing the entire system. Even though electrical work is subject to changes and adjustments, depending on the nature of the task, an estimated schedule allows you to plan your routine accordingly.

Proper Certification

According to the Electricity Safety Act, 1998 and the Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019, all electrical work in Richmond requires a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES). Since the electrical job is a broad field, an electrician must be permitted to carry out all work. A skilled and experienced electrician will work with a license, certificate, and proper training.

While acquiring permits and certificates might take time, do not hire an electrician without the required credentials. It is best to delay or reschedule electrical work than work without a permit and risk your safety and insurance. When choosing a trusted electrician in Richmond, Victoria, ensure they have a COES certificate.

Open Communication

A trusted electrician will engage in open and direct communication. They will provide transparency and consider your requirements and expectations while working. The best electrical services accommodate your requests while simultaneously offering their expertise. Ensure they clearly explain their procedure, timeline, and equipment, helping you make informed decisions. 

Make sure the electrician provides their knowledge and guidance regarding their electrical services without dismissing your needs. Open, direct, and transparent work builds mutual trust and keeps you in the loop.

Quote and Cost Estimates

One of the essential factors to consider when hiring an electrician is their cost and rates. Before hiring their services, make sure they list a quote. Electricians in Richmond, Victoria, usually charge $80 to $130 per hour depending on the service, job, timeline, and location. Conduct thorough research to learn about various electrical quotes and compare them before deciding. However, price does not necessarily equate to quality. Ensure the electrician delivers a safe and informed job at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Your safety should be your priority. When choosing a trusted electrician in Richmond, Victoria, consider all factors and variables before hiring them. Consider the consultation and service charge and ensure they have authorised and legitimate licenses and certificates.


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