4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Custom Patches

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Custom patches look great over garments and make your clothing unique than the others. There are tons of different kinds of patches available as patch makers offer flexible customization options to the consumers. However, having to decide for what sort of design you want for the patches is a challenging task.

Even if you look at designer patches online samples the process of designing them does not simplify. After all, you want them to be extremely unique and worth every penny you spend in their making. To help you out in the designing procedure we have listed out some things that would guide you overall.

Make sure to keep in mind the below listed things when you are designing custom patches.

1.    Purpose or Motive

The main thing that you constantly need to remember when designing patches is the motive or purpose for the making of patches in the first place. Address to these questions for getting a grasp on your purpose.

·   For what exactly you need a patch?

·   In which occasion or event will it be featured?

·   Is it a formal event or an informal?

·   Do you need patches solely for the purpose of adding a fun element to your clothing?

·   Will the patch be attached to a garment or any other item like a bag?

You are required to identify the motive before you decide to design for a patch. The initial step to designing a perfect custom patch is to recognize the motive and what are they about really.

2.   Type of Patch

Now that you are aware of the purpose of patch making, it is time for you to decide what type of patch you want. There are a lot of patch manufacturing companies that offer various kinds of patch making.

Whether you want customized embroidery patches or dye sublimation patches or a woven kind, the type of patch greatly influences the look of the patches. So, if the purpose of patches is for a formal event then it is recommended to go for dye sublimation whereas you can choose for woven or embroidered for an informal event.

Also, embroidered patches look great on clothing items. So, if you want to jazz up your denim jacket or any other clothing item then you can always go for custom embroidered patches. Each type of patch gives you a different look than the other. The best way to choose a type of patch is by comparing the samples before placing an order.

3.   Colors

The patch design is incomplete without the choice of colors you want on them. After all, what is the purpose of making patches if they are not visible to others. And for making them visible you have to use complimentary colors.

Also, choosing a perfect color scheme will make other things on your patch look visible and attractive. Other elements on the patch like the text, artwork, pattern or logo if any. Most patch makers offer the standard PANTONE color choice that includes most of the regular color choices.

Choose them wisely and craft an appealing color scheme for your custom designed patches.

4.   Simple & Appealing

Lastly, you must remember to keep it simple when you are designing for custom patches. We understand there are a handful of elements to consider while designing them, however, don’t make the mistake of going overboard while choosing these elements.

The simplest element will look great and appealing. Too many bold choices will make your patch looking chaotic. Hence, it would be difficult to figure out the purpose of the patch.


So, what are you waiting for? Consider the above listed points and apply them the next time you are designing custom patches. Check out some designer patches online to draw out inspiration for your own design. We are pretty sure that you’ll end up designing a perfect looking patch keeping the above listed things in mind.


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