4 Tips to Choose the Right Colour Prom Dress!

Prom Dress

It’s the end of your school year, and prom is around the corner – the one magical night that you had been waiting for. Your favourite person has just asked you to come to prom with them, and you couldn’t be more excited. It’s a high school dream, isn’t it?

Now, you only have to figure out what prom dress you should wear. There are a lot of choices like red prom dresses and blue prom dresses. Or do you go monochrome? You could also pick something retro from the 40s and 50s, such as a bell-shaped gown with modest sleeves and class corsage. Or, you can keep it modern, mini-dress with frills and florals. 

The evolution of prom dresses has been enigmatic, and you can figure out multiple options from the lot. But, with several possibilities comes extreme confusion! Well, let’s not spoil your real-time Cinderella night; here are five solid tips to help you choose the right prom dress:

1. For the Fair-Skinned Girls

There is no colour-code rule book to follow here, as it all depends on what colour prom dress you have your eyes set on. That said, if you want a prom dress that pops perfectly against your light skin, then you cannot go wrong with a bold colour dress. 

You can go for a monochrome look, with a white or black dress, as it will create a timeless, elegant appearance. On the other hand, if you like bright colours, you can choose a dress with red undertones, so pick an alluring red or soft pink; this will create a gentle, feminine look. As such, complete your prom look with beachy, wavy vibes and stunning stilettos. 

2. For the Dark-Skinned Girls

Women with dark skin have slightly more colour options than others. Colours like lavender, purple or violet especially look gorgeous when laid against your bronze skin tone. And if you are looking for a more dramatic look, you can create a contrast by choosing a sunshine yellow or swan white colour dress. 

So, you can pick anything from soft and bright colours to other deep, rich tones and warm shades of any colour you prefer. For example, you can choose any shade of pink that will look smooth against your melatonin-rich skin. That said, do not actively pick cool shades like grey, silver, blue, black or brown, as they might blend with your skin tone, thus making the overall look unimpressive. 

3. For Medium-Skinned Girls 

Bold and primary colours always suit individuals with a medium complexion. So, you must pick a shade that will make your skin tone look warm and attractive. And in this case, blue prom dresses are the perfect match!

Any tone from the blue family, whether light blue, sky blue, deep royal blue or grape blue-green, will make your skin tone look flattering. Also, try not to pick colours bordering on the shades of beige, brown, caramel, pale pink and orange.

Another tip for medium-complexion girls is that instead of picking your dress based on your skin type, choose it based on your hair colour. 

4. For the Olive-Skinned Girls

Well, olive-skinned girls are the luckiest; almost every colour looks beautiful on them. So, if you are one of them, you can choose anything from emerald green to olive, any shade of red, burgundy and pink, and you are sure to bedazzle!

While there are no set rules for what colour looks good on who, it’s always a good idea to match your dress with your skin tone. At the end of the day, your prom dress must be something that evokes confidence within you, one which you can carry effortlessly! And if that dress happens to be somewhat out of your comfort zone, do not shy away from the challenge. Your prom is a good time to experiment and stand out from the crowd. So, make your pick and celebrate your night with all your heart!


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