5 Free Things To Do In Phuket

Now, wouldn’t you like some free chocolates thrown in at some stage in a vacation that you probably paid plenty for? Of course, you’ll. that’s why we convey your top five free things to do in Phuket to make your journey budgetary. 

Laying all playing cards at the desk, you’ll need to incur the travel cost to go to these locations. However,  we are here to help you out to save more while reaching this amazing place. Now, you can visit here at very affordable rates. Just visit the malaysia airlines official site and explore many vacation offers to Thailand that suit your budget too. Visit now and get your booking done and start exploring these places on your own. Perhaps that’ll be the best time you’ll need to dig in for your pockets!


Phuket’s seashores are one of the fines in Thailand and make up for the maximum vital and thrilling a part of any ride to the island. One of the first-rate things to do in Phuket is seashore humping. From the quiet Surin seashore to the famous Patong seaside, take your pick out and have a high-quality time for gratis. Spend the day lazing around at a number of quieter beaches like Kamala, Kalim, Kata Noi, and Nai Han. Banana seaside is every other lovely, hidden beach located on the Coral Island, three kilometers southeast of Phuket; best for spending a peaceful time and basking in the sun.

Bangla Road

With its colorful, raunchy nightlife, bars competing for tourists, and lady dancers vying for purchaser’s interest, Bangla Road will be quite ambitious for a few to handle but is spellbinding. However, and is one of the primary Phuket’s appeal. Located within the Patong seashore place of Phuket, Bangla Road is home to many eating places, bars, discotheques, nightclubs, and go-go bars. If nothing else, do take a stroll inside the area at night time to enjoy Phuket at its brazen excellent.

Phromthep Cape

Imagine an excessive cliff from in which you could experience stunning scenery and views of the ocean and that too for free! Phromthep Cape, one of the most well-known landmarks of Phuket is a real delight, especially for picture lovers. There is also a lighthouse at the cape with a number of historic artifacts on the show and, out of doors viewing vicinity. Entry to the lighthouse is likewise freed from fee. Try visiting at some stage in sunrise or sunset; the scenes are dramatic, to say the least.

Big Buddha on Nakkerd Hills

Prepare to be awestruck as you are making your manner to the massive Buddha statue that sits atop Nakkerd Hills in Phuket. (The statue may be noticed without difficulty from miles away). At 45 meters, this statue is possibly the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand and is one of the quite advocated locations to look in Phuket. In addition to its sheer grandeur and elegance are the beautiful panoramic perspectives that may be enjoyed from the pinnacle of the hill. And all this is free without any fee.

Phuket Town

Just think about the beyond usual touristy spots and visit Phuket Town for its antique-world charm with European effects. The Old Town is an ought to visit in case you want to experience Phuket apart from its coastline. Walk around, see ancient sites, and don’t forget to seize the Old Town on your digital camera.

Last words

All these free things to do in Phuket are simply a few steps away. Book flights, accommodations to Phuket to make your trip more convenient. Just dial delta airlines contact number to get your booking done over the phon e now. And start packing for your next holiday now.

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