5 Frequently Asked Questions about Collagen Powder

Collagen Powder

Some people prefer having a cup of bone broth regularly, while others may want a bowl of chicken soup whenever they feel the need to have a nutritional boost. However, if you do not like either, you may consider nutritious supplements such as marine collagen powder cranberry flavour. These supplements are made of animal bones and the skin of the fish. Collagen is the main ingredient of these supplements that improve your joints, bones, muscles, and skin.

With the growing popularity of these supplements, people are growing curious about them. This article has listed some frequently asked questions that can help you explore more about collagen supplements.

1. How to take collagen powder for the best results?

You don’t need to experiment much when it comes to using collagen. You can easily explore a lot of recipes on the internet but always remember that you should not prepare something that can spoil the nutritional elements of the collagen. Foods like keto coconut shakes or chia puddings are amazing only when these are the kinds of food you don’t usually eat. You can simply add collagen powder to your tea or coffee. It doesn’t matter how you are taking the supplement; all you need is to maintain a healthy diet, add it to the diet, and ingest it on a regular basis.

2. Can it be mixed with hot drinks?

Yes, you can mix it with hot drinks. Taking collagen supplements with a hot drink is one of the most popular ways to consume it. You can even have this healthy drink during office hours, such as a collagen-mixed coffee in the mid-morning. If you don’t have enough time to prepare tea or coffee, you can drink it by mixing it in hot water. You should ensure that the powder is fully dissolved in the water; otherwise, small lumps may pop up to spoil the brew of your hot drink. You can ask a nutritionist to know how many times you should take the beverage every day.

Several studies have revealed that some foods lose their nutritional qualities when they get heated. The good news is collagen is not one of these foods. Collagen contains plenty of peptide amino acids. This abundance of peptide make supplements such as marine collagen powder cranberry flavour more stable even when heated. These peptide collagen supplements can resist heat up to 300 °C. Therefore, you can easily take it with hot drinks.

3. Can caffeine spoil the good qualities of collagen?

According to many research works, caffeine may slow down the production of collagen. It affects the skin’s elasticity, but it does not have any adverse impact on the powder form of collagen. Moreover, adding collagen powder to coffee or drinks containing caffeine can minimise the adverse effects of caffeine on your skin.

4. When should you take this supplement?

There are many controversial debates on this. One group of nutritionists’ opine that you can take the collagen supplement on an empty stomach in the early morning. Another theory states that the best time to drink this supplement is at night as your skin gets rejuvenated at this time when you sleep.

5. How to maximise the benefits of collagen?

If you want to maximise the benefits of collagen powder, you need to say goodbye to sugar. Sugar damages collagen during the “glycation” process.

These are the primary things that you need to know before starting collagen intake.


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