Why are Vertical Blinds Awesome?

Vertical Blinds

There are many kinds of window and door blinds, and they do the same thing, that is, blocking the sunlight from entering the house. Different types of windows/doors require different types of blinds, and sometimes patio glass doors and conservatories need another kind of blinds known as vertical blinds.

These blinds are made of slats or louvres and are perfect for many types of windows. Read along to understand these blinds and how useful they are.

What are these blinds?

The vertical blind is a series of vertical fabric louvres or slats that can be twisted to close or open the windows. The louvres are attached to each other by a chain and are operated using a cord positioned at the far left or right of the blind. The louvres can be moved entirely to one side to let the sunlight come in. The best thing about these blinds is that they do not just shield the light, but they can control the amount of light that comes in too.

How useful are they?

The slats or louvres of blinds are available in a range of materials. They are a good solution for sizable full-length glazing, like bi-fold or sliding doors. The adaptability of these blinds makes them attractive for everyone who has different varieties of windows and doors where standard blinds are useless.

Controlling Sunlight.

They are useful for controlling light as well as providing privacy. If you need to control sunlight, the louvres can be re-opened throughout the day to change the lighting. There are few adjustments to manipulate the intensity of sunlight entering the home. It is better than the regular blinds/curtains as there are no options to control the sunlight, but just to let it in completely or block altogether.

You can use blinds in bathrooms and kitchens.

They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, and the louvres provide additional privacy and flexible light control. There are also moisture-resistant and wipe-clean fabrics to prolong the life of blinds.

They are suitable for conservatories.

As these blinds are good at blocking sunlight, they are the right choice for conservatories. The blinds keep the light and intense heat out of the space, and you can relax inside. These are enabled by the heat resistant blinds, and you will be able to sit with your family or friends in comfort.

They are suitable for bay windows.

The beauty of these vertical blinds is their versatility. The head-rail is very easy to work around the curved bay windows, and the louvres can be cut to different lengths to suit the window’s shape.

They make the ceiling look higher.

The blinds being vertical in shape gives out an illusion effect and makes the ceiling look bigger. These blinds make the room look bigger and spacious overall.

Great for the patio doors.

If you have big glass patio doors, you don’t have to worry about the curtains. You have these blinds, which fit perfectly on the patio doors. The blinds are long enough to cover the tall doors, and they will always look fabulous with these blinds.

These benefits of vertical blinds make them perfect for patio glass doors, conservatories, bay windows, etc. People love these blinds as they are easier to use and clean. The ability of these blinds to adapt to the shape and size of the windows and doors make them superior to the other normal ones.


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