5 Women’s Perfume Notes that Men Can’t Resist

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It is no secret that sexual attraction in humans is influenced by scent. Research shows that a person’s body odour has an effect on whether they are perceived as attractive or unattractive. When it comes to other species of mammals, the pheromones are secreted and detected by the opposite gender. This serves as an invitation for mating. 

With that said, the process is slightly different for human beings. As the human body does not have an effective vomeronasal organ, the scent is sensed by the olfactory system. Therefore, the smell of another human being can make them physically appealing. 

While these investigations talk about body odour, several other pieces of research discuss the effect of artificial scents (perfumes) on the perceived degree of attractiveness. Taking this into consideration, it can be suggested that the perfume you wear can influence the way you are perceived by others. 

The following discusses the scents and fragrance notes that men find attractive on women. Based on this, you can research your options and choose to invest in the best fragrance for women

Floral scents 

Some of the best fragrances for women play with floral notes. When it comes to men, they are more attracted to scents that give a slight hint of florals. The subtle notes of magnolia, violets, jasmine and lavender are preferred by the majority of the men.

With that said, a fragrance that is overpowering with floral scents can have the opposite effect. In this case, most men typically associate strong floral fragrances with their grandmothers. Therefore, if you are trying to use perfume to attract a person, it is better to stay away from potent floral fragrances. 

The Smell of Vanilla 

Whoever said that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, had it all figured out. According to research, the majority of the men are attracted to women who wear vanilla scented perfumes. This is because the scent of vanilla is stated to be an aphrodisiac. With that said, if you are investing in a vanilla-based perfume, choose a fragrance that includes vanilla as the base note. This would make sure that the smell is not too overpowering. 

For the best results, try out a fragrance that includes the notes of vanilla, combined with amber and sandalwood. This combination is guaranteed to turn heads.

Spicy Fragrances

Generally, women tend to stay away from perfumes with spicy notes, as these fragrances are usually associated with masculine energy. However, spicy fragrances also attract men as a result of their distinct and unique scent.  

If you are looking to buy fragrances with a spicy undertone, invest in perfumes that include Sichuan pepper, sage, cinnamon, and bamboo. These notes can make the scent stronger and more attractive. 

On the other hand, if you want the spice to give a subtle nod to your fragrance, you can choose a perfume that comprises citrus, mixed with tea rose and cinnamon leaves. This combination creates a scent that is alluring and attractive at the same time. 

A Musky Fragrance

The scent of musk is usually associated with the outdoors. It depicts everything that is natural. Therefore, a variety of men find musky fragrances attractive. If you are interested in this scent, be sure to get a fragrance that includes notes of tonka beans, cedar and cloves. The amalgamation of these ingredients creates a fresh, mossy scent, which is complex enough to captivate attention. 

However, when a musky fragrance is combined with spicy notes, the result is outstanding. You can also try investing in perfumes that constitute an amalgamation between balsamic, spicy, powdery and musky notes of rosewood and amber. 

Fruity Fragrances 

Similar to the floral scents,  fruity notes are found in a variety of women’s perfumes. These fragrances add a touch of playfulness to the wearer’s personality. Additionally, as these notes demonstrate your fun side, men perceive you to be mischievous, enticing, and lighthearted. Taking this into account, it is essential to try out a balanced scent featuring grapefruits, combined with the rejuvenating scent of basil. Moreover, you may also try perfumes that include the ultimate combination of floral, musky and fruity notes. If being fun and playful is your personality, show it off with a fruity fragrance. 

The proper way of putting on perfume 

A fragrance only makes a difference if you apply it in the right way. There are a few tips that you need to follow when you put on perfume. 

  • Spray the fragrance on all your pulse points. These include the region behind the ears, the base of neck, inner wrists, elbows and behind the knees.
  • If you are wearing multiple layers, spray the perfume onto the middle layer. This will ensure that the scent lasts for a longer duration. 
  • It is further important to apply the perfume on a dry skin. If you have taken a shower, make sure that your skin is completely dried off before you spray the perfume.
  • To make the scent last longer, apply unscented moisturiser on the skin before putting on the perfume. You can also add a little bit of perfume to the moisturiser to give it a matching scent. 

There is no shame in wanting to attract people of the opposite gender. If you are searching for the perfect perfume to plan your seduction, visit Match Fragrances and pick the right perfume from our wide variety of fragrances.


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