Select woven or non woven filter materials for your use


There are many different filter manufacturers in India’s local market that provide the filtration material for industrial purposes. These filtration systems are made of different materials like cotton filter cloth, cotton filter paper, the fiberglass filter paper, all these materials are used at different locations.

Filter bags are applicable in boiler applications uses, we understand how much the filter bags are useful for boiling applications, companies and industries needed it. Industrialist usually searches for the fiberglass, woven fabric material, rayon, polyester, PPS, woven fiberglass, non-woven fiberglass, p84, Nomex, acrylic, aramid, basalt, woven textured fiberglass, and other materials.

All these materials are verified by different tests: oleophobic, PTFE, anti-static, and all other necessary operations and processes. It all depends on the respective application areas.

Filter bags are also known as an envelope but this name is not as popular. 

Filter bags are commonly available in oval and round tube shape, the length is 15-30 feet, and diameter is 5-12 inches. In industries, due to the odor of chemicals and gases, atmosphere and indoor air quality get reduced, the temperature gets dis-balanced from usual, there are many other reasons that affect the indoor air quality of industries.

Everyone should equip the Fiberglass filter bag, at their place, one can select cotton, nylon, polyester, or other fabric material for their workplace, it should be according to industry type.

Woven filters

Woven filters are constructed by following the same pattern or texture, these filters are applicable for such areas where the temperature and energy is exposed in low amounts, it is evident at shaking or reverses air area.

Plain weave, twill weave, sateen weave have different weaving patterns that are responsible for the decreasing or increasing volume between fibers. These different patterns and volume definitely make a difference in quality, firmness, and taking ability.

If the weaving pattern is intense, it will resemble permeability, and will hold the dust particles effectively.

Non-Woven filters 

Non-woven filters are made of natural, synthetic fibers that are usually felted or membrane. In reality, the non-woven fabric definitely needs the support of woven fabric material or light-fabric material. The membrane filters are the means of light fabric scrim type material. Pulse-jet is a cleaning technique that is used in high-energy generated atmosphere area, in such events felted fabrics are helpful.

Reverse Airbags

As we know an excessive amount of dust formed as a cake shape, when the cleaning energy generated, anti-collapse rings of reverse air bags restrict the dust to the store at the same place. The metal enclosure is used to position the fabric in the right manner and provide support to pulse-jet filters.

Teflon fabric is used to restrict the dust-pancaking and to extend the life of filter bags, by using this layer you can use the filter bags for a long time in cleaning applications.

In this post, you have got the basics of woven fabric filters, non-fabric filters and, reverse bag filters, on the basis of requirements you can select the affordable, durable right filters material: cotton or fiberglass filter paper


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