A day in a Sandringham house palace

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Britain has beautiful places to visit. Sandringham house palace is the beloved private house of Queen Elizabeth II. The beautiful palace has witnesseda number of royal family gatherings through the generation. Today, Sandringham house palace attracts many tourists from around the world to see the royal life and to relax in the gardens.

In 1870 Sandringham house palace was built as a country retreat of the future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. This royal house has been passed from generation to generation of British sovereigns. It is located in Norfolk, England, and covers 20000 acres of land. Prince Edward’s son and heir George V described Sandringham house palace as “dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere else in the world.”

Presently Sandringham house palace is home to her majesty, where she celebrates Christmas with the royal family. The SandringhamHouse palace’s ground floor is open for public tours. The interior and décor remain just as they are way back during the Edwardian period. A guide with knowledge regarding the royal family can assist you.

Estate’s history at the Sandringham Museum

The museum in Sandringham holds a collection ranging from the very large to small-tiny Indian doll dancer in the Curio Cupboard. Over periods of time,the building has been used as a police post, fire station, Carving School, and Royal garages. When you visit the museum, at the entrance, you can watch 3-minutes video that gives you a brief insight into the history.

Sandringham Museum has an amazing range of historic collections waiting to greet you. There are bullet-proof screens, smoke dischargers, water spray to deter pursuers, and concealed dummy machine guns. 

Sandringham Garden

The garden and country park together covers 600 acres of the Estate with the gardens extending to 49 acres. Two new lakes were dug further from the house, and bordered by rockeries constructed of pulhamite stone. Sandringhm garden to the north of the house was remodeled and simplified by Geoffrey Jellico for the king and his wife after the Second World War. 

In 1951, the statue of Father Time was purchases by Queen Mother and installed in the garden. Further, in the 1960s the area of the garden was remodeled by Sir Eric Savill for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The extensive garden that has carriage drives allow guest to view the highly ornamental arrangements. 

Sandringham Church

St Mary Magdalene church is located to the southwest of the Sandringham house. The royal family visits the church during Christmas. There are many memorial memories to the royal family in the church and churchyard. After the death of Prince John, he was buried there. The body of King George VI was placed in the St Mary Magdalene church for two days.

The beautiful pattern on the wall of the St. Mary Magdalene church gives royal vibes. Silver altar and reredos in the church were presented to Queen Alexandra by the department store owner as a tribute to Edward VII. He also presented a silver pulpit and a sliver 17th century Spanish processional cross. The church marvel is well decorated and is carved with angle frames, and the 9th century Greek font and stained glass.

Visitor Centre

After touring the Sandrimghm house palace, you will probably feel tired and want to rest. You can rest in the visitor center.  The visitor center offers an excellent facility to the guest in the timber building that complements the landscape. You can relax and witness the amazing views from the visitor center.  The amazing greenery in the property wow you. 

And the visitor center is where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, and plants to take back home. You can take gifts for family and friends or take them to decorate your house. For sure, gifting plant to your friends and family is something they will appreciate. 

Buy Estate’s fresh produce

You can get a fresh apple and apple juice product, which are harvested in the orchards planted by King George VI are the celebrated product of the Estate. You can enjoy the tour at Sandringham house palace drinking fresh apple juice. And don’t forget to shop for black currants and vegetables, too.

After a tour, you can take back home fresh apples and juice back home. Fresh products from Estate can be great to take home.

Estate’s Accommodation

Live a loyal life at Estate’s Accommodations. You can stay in Sandringham estate with the choice of accommodations to match your needs. You can stay in Graden house which was once a home to head gardener set in an ornamental square garden. There is also Granary, which is recently completed with a luxury barn. And you can also rest at the park house hotel which is the former house of Diana, princess of wales. 


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