Apple mobile phone repair iPhone7 headset conversion cable torn? Teach you how to cleverly repair

Teach you how to cleverly repair
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After Apple abandoned the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, for the original 3.5mm headphone, it is equipped with a conversion cable as a transition. However, iPhone 7 buyers have complained about the tearing of the conversion cable after only one month of use. Faced with this situation, I think this data cable can be rescued, so how do we save it?

Torn converter cable:

To be honest, data cables are not very expensive, but considering the fact that they tend to tear quickly, we may end up spending a lot of money on replacing new products.

Fortunately, Apple provides a one-year iPhone repair service. 

If your data cable is damaged within the first year after purchase, Apple will replace it free of charge. Therefore, if you see signs of tearing in the data cable, it is best to go to the nearest Apple store for iphone repair (telefoon reparatie turnhout).

If the replacement period is exceeded, how we can get iPhone repair Coventry?

Jacket heat shrink tube method

Winding tape method

Ultralight clay method

First of all, we need to make preliminary preparations. The most important thing in preliminary preparations is equipment and raw materials:

1. White ultralight clay

2. Paper cutter

3. Data lines that need to be protected.

The white ultra-light clay is similar in color to the original Apple data cable, you can also choose other colors.

In the first step, pull a tuft of ultra-light clay, knead it into a sheet, and place the broken lightning interface and the connection of the wire on the ultra-light clay sheet. Depending on the situation, cut off the broken PVC part.

In the second step, wrap the clay around the joint and rub it with both hands to make it even. A wrap of approximately 4 cm is formed.

In the third step, use a paper-knife to clean up the uneven ultra-light clay at both ends. Note that the plastic part of the lightning interface can be properly wrapped to increase the strength.

The fourth step, let it stand for 40 minutes and wait for the super light clay to dry naturally. carry out!

It is no stranger to Apple that the converter shows signs of tearing after only a few months of use. Apple’s previous Lightning data cable has experienced the same problem since its debut. 

Constantly plugging and unplugging, as well as regular bending, are likely to damage these cables, but Apple does not seem to be interested in improving this, so users can only be more careful during use.

After understanding the reasons why the iPhone data cable is easily damaged, how can we avoid it in normal use?

1. Develop good usage habits and plug and unplug the data cable correctly

First of all, it is natural to develop good usage habits. In fact, Apple taught users how to plug and unplug the data cable correctly, that is, try to avoid pulling the cable body part of the data cable. 

2. Add protective measures at the joint

If you feel that you have to be so careful when you unplug a data cable, your heart is so tired. Then it is better to take some protective measures for the data cable, in addition to the recommended joint part of the heat-shrinkable tube, winding section of electric tape and ultra-light clay method, it is recommended to add a spring or something.


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