Beach to Roam Praslin Island

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Beach to Roam Praslin Island

Nothing spells holiday like a luxurious beach holiday. A tropical vacation on a special island can take some time off to blow off the steam, take away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax and enjoy it with your loved ones. Praslin Island offers that opportunity, and then some! To travel on Praslin Island you will have to book your flight with Southwest Airlines Reservations.

This tropical island off the coast of Mahe is the second-largest island in Seychelles and is known as one of the best beach destinations. A unique blend of picturesque beaches and activities make this place unique for adventure seekers and vacationers. If you are indecisive about visiting the Pacific island, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Anise Lazio

Ranked as the best beach in Praslin Island, this treasure has clear blue water and white sand. The area is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The beach boasts an enviable location, with beautiful rocks, granite boulders that offer shade and killing palms.

As the water is quite shallow, this place is ideal for children to swim. You can also indulge in snorkeling to spot the fish. If you are lucky, you can also see some turtles or rays! White sand also makes for great sandcastles. Although this beach is great for walking at any time of the year, October and April are the best months for snorkeling. The monsoon may become a hindrance to some activities between May and September.

If you don’t want to dine at the restaurant near Anse Lazio, try packing a snack on the beach. There is a special lattice area near the beach where children can swim and play around. The area is monitored by lifeguards and has traps so that rays and other animals cannot enter. Safety first!

Georgette like this

If you think the best things are enjoyed in private, then this beach is your best bet. This private beach is as beautiful as Anse Lazio, perhaps even more so. The only catch is that Ense Georgette is private, approx. There are three ways to access it – staying at the expensive but luxurious Constance Lemuria Resort, which gives exclusive access. You can also stay at a nearby resort and visit the beach with prior permission from the resort. The final option includes a long drawn boat ride. However, the rest assured that the trip would be worth it – the sunsets along the coast are very breathtaking.

Crystal blue waters are perfect for snorkeling, so get your gear on! Since the beach is private, you can enjoy a drink and wander in solitude. The waves also allow you to indulge in some surfing and swimming. If you are an adventure addict, you will enjoy a hike on the beach through beautiful coconut trees! The best time to snorkel is in April or October, but the beach is accessible anytime.

Cote d’Or

This family-friendly beach is located back, is relaxed, and is the perfect way to relax. Located on the resort side, Côte d’Or boasts the best snorkeling site on the island, with clear blue waters and white sand. The stunning beach has shallow water, on which you can walk while watching the sunset. The area resembles a children’s pool – you can rest assured that this sea is safe for your little one.

This beach can be visited at any time of the year as there are very few streams in the water. Other main attractions: This beach is ideal for families with young children, as parents can watch their children while playing in shallow water. There is almost no current in the water, which makes it safe for children

ANS Cemetery

This beach is semi-private, meaning that one way to access it is through a resort. While you can also reach this ancient land by boat, the trek is highly rewarding. The shallow and clear waters make it great for photo ops and bright sunsets. This haven reflects the luxury of snorkeling, swimming, and diving! Jump off the cliffs into the blue lagoon, and explore the ocean. You can also gaze at deep space at night as part of a gaze session.

The weather is such that the beach can be visited at any time of the year, but the time from June to October can be washed on the beach. Other salient features: White sand and blue water often change to brilliant shades of orange and pink during sunrise and sunset. Be sure to capture this captivating bliss! Book your flight now with the help of the Southwest Reservations team to fly to Praslin Island.

Ace La Blog

This secluded beach is perfect for honeymoon couples and vacationers alike. The shallow waters provide a reasonably ideal environment for snorkeling at low tide, while the high tides provide amazing photo ops with blue water. This serene beach is perfect for a romantic walk with your loved one. This beach is mainly affected by the monsoon effect from June to October, during which seaweeds can accumulate.


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