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Belarusian is an East Slavic language spoken by Belarusian. The republic of Belarus has declared it as the official language according to the constitution, in Article 17. In the Belarussian republic, Russian is the second official language.

Furthermore, it is also spoken by Russians, people of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukrainians, and Belarusian minorities in those countries.

Before the emergence of a sovereign state of Belarus, Belarusian was a part of the English language, commonly known as a White Russian language. But when Belarus got independence and established a free from oppressive rule empire, it declared Belarus (formerly known as Byelorussian or Belorussian) and Russian to be its official languages.

In 1999, it was estimated that 3,686,000 Belarusians (36% of the citizens) voted to make Belarusian a “language spoken at home.” On the other hand, about 85% adopted it as their “mother tongue.”

Our expert professionals at Kings of translation know the Cyrillic script in which the Belarusian alphabet is developed.

UNESCO has declared Belarusian as a vulnerable language, which is going to be diminished with over time.

The need for a Belarusian translator:

UNESCO’s findings can be wrong because this territory is becoming developed and successful day by day. It’s amazing spread of education, social culture, scientific advancements have made it necessary for the nations around the world to have some knowledge about this language.

Especially when you want to do business with Belarusian people and companies over there, you will need a certified professional translator.

Furthermore, you need a translator if you want the medical certificates, marriage certificates, birth, or death certificates to be translated into English to have a better understanding of the matter.

100% accuracy in our work:

The medical, technical, and legal procedures require a professional and hundred percent accurate handling. Otherwise, inaccurate or misguided information can cause a loss for a lifetime.

Our team is well-trained and equipped with all the necessary professional tools to get your document translated into English from Belarusian. We aim to provide you with the best possible translated document for the best of your interest.

Originality remains the same:

The certified translation services must not be inconsistent. The tone, font, style, meaning, and original structure should remain the same. Kings of translation can handle all this very efficiently.

Our team of translators starts learning a language from scratch and continues to learn till the peak. Hence becoming the Certified professional translators, they are ready to help you whenever and wherever you need the service.

Our services are available 24/7, day and night, even at midnight and on holidays. We can work over-time as well. Until and unless you are left feeling satisfied with our work, we keep on doing our work. We won’t stop helping you until you stop us from making the efforts.

For tackling legal or social communication with the Belarusian Government or public, a person should hire an agency or a certified professional translator. It can minimize the chance of being ditched or misguided.


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