Top-Tier: The Best Tools GogoPDF Can Offer

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People are constantly reliant on technology as a result of it. You must rely on high-quality output PDF management solutions, just as you should with PDFs. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for online PDF management software. With all of this in mind, we’ll show you several GogoPDF features that may be useful.

Many people use GogoPDF, a well-known PDF management program. It can be used to transform, watermark, compress, and even restore PDF documents. It’s completely free to use, and you may use it on either your mobile device or your PC. Here’s where you can learn how to utilize most of its tools.

Compress PDF

In today’s digital world, it’s expected that there’s hacking. Unfortunately, things are getting worse, and many people get their private accounts hacked every day. With all those situations, it’s essential to make sure our files are safe from others.

If you wish to share your files with others safely, use the tools of GogoPDF. This online software offers its PDF password and the compress PDF feature to make our documents safer. If you wish to compress or shrink your PDFs into small file sizes, make sure to use this tool right now! There are multiple advantages in shrinking your PDFs, such as eating up less memory space, and it will be more manageable for you to upload a file on the web. To start using this online tool, here’s how to do it:

  1. From your PC, choose the PDFs and drag them into the converting box.
  2. This online software will start shrinking your file.
  3. The process will be over soon.
  4. Once it is complete, you can start downloading the file to your PC.

Share Document

Emails are the most widely utilized form of corporate communication, but somehow, like all other forms of communication, they have drawbacks. If you recall, there have been times when you have been unable to mail or add a file to an email due to its file size; nevertheless, there is always a way. Regrettably, email servers will restrict us from uploading larger files than the acceptable file size until today. That’s enough to make you cry or become frustrated.

As a result, you could use the GogoPDF feature whenever you wish. It allows you to effortlessly share PDF files with your colleagues or classmates by sending emails with the attached file link. Here’s how to make use of this helpful feature:

  1. You must first upload a file that you want to share. Upload the document to the website’s conversion box from your computer.
  2. Select “Share File.”
  3. With your letter, include a link to the document. You can also send it as a text message.
  4. Start by saving the file to your desktop computer or sharing it through your social media accounts.

Add Watermark

We now live in a society where anything, including memes, images, videos, and even confidential information, can go viral. Unless there is a copyright on the file, it is nearly impossible to take something from others once placed on the web. Watermarks are used to convey that something is yours. Digital assets, such as essential PDF files, are vulnerable to hacking or theft without it.

If you wouldn’t want that to occur to you, start adding watermarks to your PDF files and utilize the add watermark tool. Users can pick where they want their photo or statement to appear as a file’s watermark. Now that you know how easy and convenient this GogoPDF feature is to use, all you have to do is try it out. Please don’t put it off till next time; start watermarking your PDF now to preserve your digital assets. If you want to know how to do it yourself, here are the simple four steps:

  1. Pick the PDF from your Pc or smartphone. You can also use the drag-and-drop technique.
  2. Put the text or image you want to use as a watermark in your file. Select a location for the watermark, then click “Add Watermark.”
  3. It may take a few moments, and all you have to do now is wait for it to finish.
  4. Begin sharing your updated work with others or save it to your PC.


People will find a method to operate more efficiently today, and this article has some excellent news for them. It is not too late to begin utilizing GogoPDF if you’re routinely dealing with PDF files for education or work. With all of the info on this list, it’s easy to state that this online service is always ready to provide a hand whenever and wherever you need it.


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