Blast Off With the Top 5 Facts About Outer Space

Outer Space

Want to know some interesting facts about outer space?

Space is truly one of a kind. It is hard to believe the sheer size of it and its billions of stars, planets, galaxies, and more.

Despite everything we know about space, there is still so much we don’t know, and we are learning every day.

And if you keep reading this post, you are going to learn 5 interesting space facts that you’ve probably never heard before. These facts are truly incredible, unbelievable, and jaw-dropping facts about space.

  1. There Is No Sound in Space

Because there is no atmosphere in space, sound has no way to travel to be heard. Due to this, astronauts need to use radios to communicate with one another while in space.

  1. There Is Possible Life on Mars

Scientists believe that Mars is one of the most hospitable planets after Earth, which means there’s a chance of life on Mars. In fact, back in 1986, NASA discovered what they believed could be fossils of microscopic living.

  1. It’s Unknown How Many Stars Are in Space

Because of the enormous size of space, scientists can’t predict how many stars there are in the Universe accurately. We can only use the number of stars within the Milky Way to get an estimate.

The number of stars in the Milky Way is believed to be between 200-400 billion.

If you want to try and count the stars, we recommend getting a powerful telescope that can bring you closer to the stars.

Many people believe telescopes are expensive to obtain, but not anymore. In fact, you can get incredibly powerful and professional-grade telescopes at affordable prices. In fact, you can find the best telescopes under 200 dollars here.

  1. There’s a Possible Planet Made Out of Diamonds

Studies from Yale University scientists claim that a planet called 55 Cancri e, which is twice the size and 8 times the weight of Earth, may have a surface that is both graphite and diamond.

Even though it’s said to be 40 light-years away, it is still visible to the naked eye within the constellation of cancer.

  1. The Moon Was Once a Piece of the Earth

A theory claims that when Earth was a young planet, it was hit by a ginormous object and caused a piece of it to fly away into space to create the moon. This piece of the earth then began to orbit the Earth due to gravity.

Want More Facts About Outer Space?

We know how excited and alluring outer space is. There is so much we still don’t know about it. We hope that these more unique facts about outer space have blown your mind, as they did ours!

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