E-commerce SEO 2020- Why a Grocery Store needs SEO for 2X Growth?


People stopped shopping in physical stores and they have turned their interest in online shopping. Many online businesses have taken good returns in the market. Especially after this lockdown, the grocery e-commerce platform has reached its peak in selling their products online. Every entrepreneur is in a dilemma now. They want to start their grocery ecommerce website but at the same time, they doubt whether they can beat the e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart. This is possible through SEO. Let us understand the power of SEO that can leverage your grocery e-commerce platform.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that improvises your grocery e-commerce website ranking from the bottom level and teams up with the leading search engines and will get you organic traffic to your website. The process includes framing your website with relevant content well optimized with keywords. When more number keywords are being used on the website, then Google will analyze the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) that will consider the keyword optimization. Thus your website will be ranked on top of the page. People will visit the sites that are on top 3 on the first page of the search. Thus you can get organic traffic

Why does the grocery e-commerce platform need SEO?

The highest competition is being faced in the field of the grocery market. To stay in the competition line and to survive in this market, every grocery e-commerce platform needs SEO support. Let us analyze the benefits our grocery ecommerce platform gains through SEO.

Brand awareness

People without hesitation will buy products in your grocery e-commerce platform if they have trust in your brand. Trust is gained through popularity. Your brand should be visible everywhere and people should recognize your brand. Only then they will come forward to visit your grocery e-commerce website and will try to purchase on your platform. This brand awareness and recognition can be gained easily through SEO.

Target marketing

Geo-location delivery is the key feature in the grocery e-commerce platform. The grocery store which is nearby is highly searched by the users. Through local SEO, you can be listed in the top rank while the search is based on your region. Instead of focusing globally, you can focus on your area to deliver the product. Local SEO makes it possible for your grocery e-commerce platform and grabs all local audiences to your store.

Retains the visitors to stay

Your site may get high SERP, but that doesn’t mean that users will like your site and they will stay in your site for a longer time and will purchase the item from your grocery e-commerce platform. Many other facts need to be understood. Your site may take a long time to load, or the navigation tools may not properly work, insufficient information about the product, all these factors will make the visitors leave your site immediately. SEO not only makes your site appealing to search engines but also to the visitors. SEO will help your grocery e-commerce platform to get more user engagement.

Better conversion

When we are not focused on SEO, we may get leads through all other sources of marketing. But we cannot expect the leads to be genuine and they may not be productive to us. In this case, when we go for SEO, the leads generated will be from our target audience and we can easily focus the leads and convert them into sales. So better conversion can be done through SEO.

Know the SEO strategies for your Grocery e-commerce platform

We may think that SEO purely involves optimizing the website alone. But that is not true, it helps your business to get higher online visibility. And it includes a few more strategies that will help your grocery e-commerce platform to be easily visible.

  • Social media and SEO – apart from your grocery e-commerce website, you can optimize your social media platforms and can gain higher brand recognition. We should never underestimate the power of social media as millions of users are active present all the time. you can optimize your post and can attract more users. Make sure you conduct different campaigns on different social media platforms. Do not use the same formula in all social media channels. This is because the users and their buying behavior is entirely different from platform to platform
  • Content optimization – content is the key factor that is highly considered in the process of SEO. The content can be on your website or in your social media post or banners. You need to optimize the relevant keywords in your content that will help you in the process of SEO optimization. One thing that you have to keep in mind is the content is mainly designed to attract the users, not the search engines alone. Have an exclusive content marketing team that can guide you with perfect content management and can drive good results.
  • Mobile app marketing – the crucial part of SEO optimization of your grocery e-commerce website is to make it fit for mobile users. We all know that mobiles are the quickest and easiest source to visit any website instantly. This motivates the grocery store owners to develop a dedicated mobile app for their grocery e-commerce platform. You can promote your mobile app through proper SEO.
  • Voice search optimization – already Google has introduced a voice search. People also started using voice search and they feel bored to type their lengthy search. So your grocery e-commerce website or your mobile app must contain a voice search. In voice search, the keywords will be different and you need to optimize both the types of keywords for your grocery e-commerce website. The SEO process will take care of this part efficiently.


Now you are clear about the importance of SEO to enhance the performance of your grocery e-commerce platform. Implement all the essential points mentioned above and leverage your grocery ecommerce platform business easily and effectively


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