Eco-Friendly Periods: Not a Dream Anymore


It is high time women start to think of eco-friendly options to get through their periods. Pads and tampons became the things of the past as more environmentally friendly options are now available on the market like menstrual cups, period underwear and so on. It is time to try these eco-friendly sanitary products and say goodbye to disposable ones.


Why Disposables Deserve a Big NO?


Disposable sanitary products are not advisable as they pose a threat to the environment. These products have to be stocked up for emergencies as well as for longer periods. So, no doubt they are expensive too. Pads and tampons contain chemicals and plastic materials that are harmful to those who use them as well as for nature. The whole disposal process itself makes it difficult to deal with. This is where eco-friendly sanitary products gain importance. As such, period underwear is a product that arrived on the market very recently. Let’s have a look at why it is the best option one can choose for the good of nature.


Period Underwear


Period underclothes are an eco-friendly alternative to sanitary products that are usually used by women. They provide women with comfortable and easy periods. This underwear can be reused after washing more than 200 times and thus can save money also. It keeps one stress-free as there is no need to worry about its disposal. It not only provides one with the ease and comfort of using it but the feeling that it is protecting the environment and health. These are some of the benefits of switching to period underwear:



  • Comfort – Compared to pads and tampons, this underwear offers greater comfort. The insertion and removal of tampons are painful, and pads can slide away from underwear and sometimes feel bulky and annoying. But, this underwear has no such concerns and is a great option to choose for comfort. They are easy to wear.




  • Leakage-free – These underwear are leak-proof and suitable for both light and heavy days. The stretchy material and elastic trim keeps it firm and helps to prevent leaks. The absorbent layers guarantee no leakage as they have a capacity equal to ten tampons. One does not have to worry about the alignment or position but go along with the flow.




  • Style – To look sexy even during that time, a varied collection of stylish period underclothes are available. Period underpants provide maximum coverage and are just like everyday pants.




  • Eco-friendly – Period underclothes are the best eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. They can hold for 8 hours and can be reused over 200 times. This is equal to a huge pile of pads and tampons. These easily reusable products are safe options for the environment and health and wellbeing.



Eco-friendly sanitary products are an asset for the future. They need to be popularised among women folks, and they should start using them with a sense of responsibility. Menstruation is a phenomenon of nature that helps human beings sustain life on earth. So, it is important to ensure that it does not affect the environment in a negative way. Switching to environmentally friendly sanitary products is the best solution for this problem. Go for period undies or menstrual cups for making periods eco-friendly and good for nature. 


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