Five Cybersecurity certifications that provide value to employers

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dan nelson AvSFPw5Tp68 unsplash

The advancement in technology has changed the functioning of the world. In today’s generation, everything happens over a computer, and a person is completely dependent on the computer performance of his basic life activities to his work in the organization. Technology has advanced so much that even crime has got a platform over the network. 

What is Cyber Crime?  

In the simplest words, we can term cybercrime to be a criminal activity performed with the usage of computers. Cybercrime can be referred to as intruding into someone else’s network by inserting illegal malware and stealing access to the device on the network is considered as cybercrime. Cybercrimes are considered to be one of the biggest growing threats in today’s generation as it becomes extremely easy for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data and misuse the data to harm the victim. The biggest threat of Cybercrime is that the victim might not have an idea that he is on a cyberattack, which makes the person more vulnerable towards His sensitive documents. One of the prime factors that have created cybercrime is to steal the data or documents that are available with the victim’s device and misuse them for their own benefit or to defame the person. There are various forms of cybercrime that existing in today’s generation, which hold the capacity to be a great concern even to an individual or an organization. There are several formats of cybercrime evolving, and the cybercrime, which is growing at the fastest rate, is hacking. Hacking and be referred to stealing access to someone else’s network or device to gain access to they are sensitive documents and information which are available in the device, and it is used to either defame the victim or to misuse the data for the self-benefit of the cyber-criminal. This is a very big concern for a lot of organizations as they produce a lot of data that are extremely confidential in a single day, and their theft can cause large damage to the organization. There is a lot of other cybercrime that exists in today’s generation, like child pornography, identity theft, cyber terrorism, cyberstalking, and a lot more. 

Cybercrimes were extremely tough to detect, for which a lot of organizations prefer having a certified professional who has a certification in Cybersecurity and can protect the organization from any potential threat.

Top 5 Cyber Security Certification:

Cybersecurity is considered to be one of the most prime factors which are essential for the organization to protect themselves from any kind of cyber threats. Cybersecurity protects a person’s device from any kind of Cyberattacks, no matter if the attack is on the device or the network. Most of the organizations pay for having a certified Cybersecurity professional who can help the company in dealing with any kind of Cyberattacks of Cyber threats.

  1. CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacker)

One of the most respectful certifications in Cybersecurity is CEH. CEH is considered to be the best entry-level Cybersecurity certification and is the ideal certification for security professionals, auditors, and site administrators. The certificate advantages through the employee as it provides the professional with a basic ethics and working procedures of ethical cyber hacking. 

  1. Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate / CCNA Cyber Ops

This certification includes the concepts of security, security monitoring, host-based analysis, and a lot more. This certificate stays in the professional in the best possible way with CISCO’S comprehensive security solutions to provide the organization with the best qualities in the employee.

  1. OSCP with PWK

This is the right for certification for candidates who are planning to appear offensive security. This is considered to be a primes ethical hacking certification that provides the most important fundamental knowledge about ethical hacking. This is the right course for network administration and security professionals who have the knowledge and ability to work in the organization with great efficiency.

  1. CompTIA security + 

CompTIA certification is one of the most respected certifications in the field of Cybersecurity as it provides benefits to the certificate holder in terms of job salary and position in the organization. Professional with justification is eligible for posts like system administrator, network administrator, security administrator, and a lot more.

  1. CISSP

CISSP is one of the most important certifications in the field of Cybersecurity because of its wide variety of advantages it provides to the certificate holder. This is considered to be the best entry-level certification in Cybersecurity, and it is the right certification for Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

These are the top 5 Cyber Security Certification which provides the best value to the employers and employees. 


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