How to Make Back to School Fun?

School Fun

A start of the new school year can mean a lot of things, but it’s surely not something your kid can be indifferent about. So many things can change after a relaxing Summer break. Usually, children are  quite excited and even feel anxious or insecure about getting back to school. This is especially true for very young children and in unpredictable times like these, with COVID-19 changing the way schools work.

To get your kids properly prepared for the challenges of a new school year and make the situation less stressful, you should keep them active. In order to give them an emotional and energetic boost, consider combining a number of engaging and inspirational activities. 

Here are a couple of ideas that you can try out:  

Practice the school routine early on

Start a couple of weeks before school and try to incorporate early breakfasts, prepare the lunchbox, let your kid plan what they will wear for the first day of school, how will they arrange their bag, pick special items. Have a planner on the wall and add a star for each day. 

Turn gathering school supplies into a play

Collecting school supplies doesn’t have to be tiring and inconvenient, as you can easily turn this chore into a game. Set some rules, sprinkle the supplies all over the house and make a treasure hunt. Have a couple of kids complete who’ll be the fastest in collecting all the hidden items. 

Go for some retail therapy

Visiting a local shopping center can sometimes be enough to decrease the stress and make the beginning of the school year a positive experience. Your kid can choose clothes for the first school day, you can go see movies, buy some ice-cream or have a meal at the mall restaurant. 

Clear the study area 

Decluttering and organizing the area where your kid will do homework can boost their enthusiasm. Consider adding some special touches, new decoration, an interesting lamp, stickers, and useful additions. You can donate some of the unused supplies from the previous years or repurpose some of the notebooks or pencil cases. 

Make a collection of Summer memories

If you had a memorable Summer break with your kids, don’t forget to make a photo album, scrapbook, a short diary, or a time capsule. Your kid will be able to summarize all the Summer memories and recall them later during the year. You can make a photo shoot on the first day of school as a final entry in the scrapbook. Meanwhile, you may even surprise your children with these prank calling ideas and see their reactions. You may even add this to your memory lane and laugh about this in the future. 

Have a cafeteria get-together

Surely, the meals served at the school canteen aren’t exactly something anyone fondly remembers. However, the very concept has some endearing qualities. Although the food might be far from great, here’s where the kids get to sit with their peers, chat and enjoy free time. 

If you can’t visit the school cafeteria, you can make a small make-believe setting at your home. Serve typical food found in school lunches. Invite a couple of friends, and don’t fret to turn this cafeteria extravaganza into a food brawl. Of course, your home, your rules, but don’t forget to have fun! 

Throw a Back-to-School Bash at a Local Indoor Playground

A well-equipped indoor fun park has a variety of amenities that can keep kids invigorated. Instead of being glued to the screen of their favorite device, kiddos have the chance to pass obstacle courses, jump, crawl, climb, and explore their potential in many other ways. 

In addition, you can invite other classmates, and have a small back-to-school themed party. If possible, you can try asking the teacher to pay a visit and hold a short inspirational speech for the kids before the school starts. 


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