What Are the Different Types of Flower Arrangements That Exist Today?


Did you know that research has proven that flowers can improve the emotional health and happiness of people? 

Flowers are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face, whether you get them out of the blue or for a life event. 

If you are thinking about buying flowers for yourself or someone else, you should consider the arrangement style. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best types of flower arrangements to consider for loved ones! 


One of the most common types of flower arrangements that you can purchase is the horizontal design.

Horizontal flower arrangements are created by florists from all over the world and are easy to create with a variety of flowers. You can get the flowers arranged in zigzag designs or rows. Many people recommend getting fragrant flowers with a strong scent. 

These arrangements are perfect centerpieces for tables during the holidays. They also look great in office spaces and on kitchen tables. You can often find unique boxes or containers to put the flowers in, that help makes the arrangement look personalized. 


Vertical flower arrangements are ideal for bouquets and flower baskets. 

If you want a beautiful vertical arrangement, Luvsolaflowers.com has plenty of options to choose from. You can include any type of flower you like in vertical arrangements, especially if you want to display a variety of colors and flower species. Each flower will be able to shine in a vertical arrangement because of the spacing. 

Vertical arrangements are fun because they climb up like the flowers are reaching for the sky. They are perfect for springtime ad winter. 


Finding the best flower arrangements that make a bold statement can be difficult.

The triangular flower arrangement is a fun way to put a smile on someone’s face because it is so playful. In this type of arrangement, flowers are organized in a fashion that creates a triangle shape. Florists often cut flower stems to achieve this look or use a variety of sizes of flowers. 

Typically, there is a large flower in the center at the top of the arrangement. This is the focal point with medium flowers surrounding it and smaller options on the outside.

If you are gifting a triangular arrangement to a friend or family member, it will likely be wrapped with transparent cellophane paper. They can view the arrangement before it is unpacked. 


Did you know that you can buy flower arrangements that look like crescents, or slivers of the moon?

Crescent flower design is one of the most unique arrangements that you can purchase. They often have a large bunch of flowers on the bottom, with vines or long flowers pointing upwards. Many people use flower wraps and leaves on the bottom to support the arrangement.

This arrangement uses stem fillers and ribbons to create a luxurious look and tie everything together. The arrangement is typically placed on top of a bowl or vase.  


If you go to the local florist, you might discover the elliptical flower arrangement.

Elliptical flower arrangements are formed in the shape of an ellipse, which is similar to the oval design. Most people get this arrangement when they are buying roses, sunflowers, and lilies. The brighter that a flower is, the better that the elliptical arrangement appears. 

Common events that people use elliptical arrangements for are weddings, birthdays, and parties. This is an elegant style that will showcase the various colors of flowers and emphasize their beauty. 


The oval flower arrangement is quite similar to the ellipse option, however, there are minor differences. 

Oval flower arrangements are often used for baskets, bunches, and bouquets. They have a dense and bushy appearance from the outside, which makes them perfect centerpieces for tables and office spaces. The flowers are arranged with larger ones in the center, which flowers that gradually get smaller towards the outside of the design. 

The oval arrangement will typically have a point on both ends, that resembles a football shape. This is a beautiful arrangement that works for any type of occasion! 


Whether you are looking for an arrangement for a wedding or a luxurious style for your home, the cascade arrangement is recommended. 

The cascade flower arrangement is often filled with bushy and flowing flowers. Leaves, stems, and grass can also be used in these arrangements to create various layers. It is best to use fragrant flowers for cascade arrangements because their scent should match their beauty. 

Roses, eucalyptus, and lilies are often incorporated in this arrangement because of the way that they flow. You can even make them inspired by the winter by including pine stems! 


A flower bouquet is a perfect arrangement for someone if you are celebrating an accomplishment or life event.

Bouquets are often bought for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and graduations. Rose bouquets are the perfect gift for loved ones and you can get a combination of colors. Sunflower, lily, and tropical flowers are often included in bouquets as well. 

If you want to have open options for your arrangement bouquets are the best way to go. You can utilize any type of flower that you want and help brighten up someone’s day. If you want to complete the gift, be sure to grab a beautiful vase for the flowers to live in. 

Choose From the Best Types of Flower Arrangements

When it comes to buying flowers for someone you care about, there are many types of flower arrangements to consider.

Vertical and horizontal arrangements are typically the most common styles that people purchase. If you are looking for a more unique arrangement, however, you should get the cascade or elliptical options. Don’t be afraid to get an arrangement that shows personality, they are fun and more thoughtful when you gift them to someone else. 

The best florist can turn simple flowers into a complex design that will take someone’s breath away. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the floral industry and how to surprise someone with a thoughtful gift!


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