How To Make Descendants Jacket

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Disney has given us some amazing characters and shows over the years. One of these ambitious projects is the Descendants, which gave all the marvel and Disney fans brilliant moments as well as great ideas for costumes to put on as inspiration. These costumes can be created or bought for special occasions. You might have not seen the show, but your kids and others in the family will definitely be big fans of the Descendants. For a person that loves any such characters who possess unusual capacities and powers, they must, at some point, wished to look exactly like their favorite characters. 

So, if your kids want to be dressed like the Evie, or if they want to put on the famous Descendant leather jacket, we have got it all in our store. Moreover, if you’re more into the DIY approach, we have some important tips you can follow to make your own Descendants costumes rather than spending excessive amounts of money at high-end brands and shops. 

The Mal Deluxe Descendants Costume

The Mal deluxe costume looks absolutely great with the Descendants leather jacket, and any fan of the show will love it. So if you’re looking to make a good looking Mal deluxe costume for yourself, it’s better to take some purple-colored fabric with good quality and attractive plum. You can get all these at our store or any fabric store for the most reasonable prices. For the gloves, you should have faux leather in purple, and once you’ve collected all of this, start by:

  • Making the bottom of Mal’s skirt using the plum fabric and then cut out a circle from the purple sating to put it on top. Attach this layer to the black waistband. You can pin it or sew it for better results
  • Now for the tulle skirt, you need purple glitter, black tulle, and dark plum. Take the thin piece of black elastic that is for the waistband, and you can fasten the black tulle strips with this band to the length you want for the skirt. 
  • If you want to make your skirt look more attractive, you can add detailing using black laces. You can get yourself good fabric material for the laces from any fabric store and cut these laces along the sides of the skirt pattern to make it look beautiful. 
  • Now to finish up, use the purple gross bin ribbon to make the Mal deluxe famous green and purple belt. Trim it using a thin satin ribbon and then sew the green ribbon to the sides of the purple ribbon. You’ll get to have the most authentic look with this two-tone belt.

DIY Evie Descendants Costume

For any person who follows the marvel universe, they would always love to put on marvel jackets to look exactly like the characters they inspire the most. Similar to the Descendant Mal deluxe jacket, the red Evie jacket is also very much liked by the fans. Get yourself a red jacket that looks similar to that of Evie, and add studs and golden embellishments. Moreover, you can get metal studs and different designs of buttons and put them all on the jacket to make a perfectly unique Evie jacket for your little one!


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