Interesting Ways for VoIP Service Providers to Monetize Multi-tenant IP PBX Software

Covid-19 gives rise to new opportunities, especially in the field of VoIP services. The demand has soared to stratospheric levels as distancing and remote working became mainstream. You could even start VoIP services and get off to a flying start whereas other industries see a sharp downturn. Existing service providers can add more revenues by offering solutions that match current expectations. Offering IP PBX service with all the bells and whistles is one such way to add more revenues and, for this, the multi-tenant IP PBX software is just perfect. 

Enhancing value addition 

Get IP PBX software that is modular. This means you can categorize features into groups and let your subscribers choose only those features they need with options to add others in the future. You could have layered Unified Communication with access to Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter plus fax, chat, SMS and email. 

  • You can offer audio-video chat and conference as a module.
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Direct inward system access
  • Call forwarding/call park
  • Mobility
  • Queue monitor
  • SMS/Voice broadcast

Get Hodusoft’s IP PBX software. It is white labeled so you can create your brand and this aids in value addition. You can offer prepaid and postpaid IP PBX services

The multi-tenant advantage

Simply subscribe to the multi-tenant IP PBX software and you can farm it out to hundreds of thousands of customers. You have individual control over each client and each client can maintain separate database of customers. Large enterprises with multiple branch locations will love this feature. You can also leverage this feature to induce more resellers to join your chain. 

Appoint more resellers 

The multi-tenancy feature of the IP PBX software is just great for you to appoint any number of resellers and let them get more business for you. This feature lets resellers, in turn, appoint any number of retailers down the chain. You could spawn an entire network this way, let them do most of the work while you sit back and watch your coffers fill. Each retailer has the liberty to set permissions and rates with their brand name. 

Focus on resellers

You can only manage to get limited business through your efforts. The secret to maximum revenue inflow is to have more resellers and encourage them to appoint more resellers under them. Since VoIP is a traffic business, the more volume you have, the better rates you can offer and, working on slim margins you still see generous profits. In turn, you can negotiate better rates with the carrier with whom you tie up. You can concentrate on sales and marketing while the IP PBX Software provider takes care of everything in the background. 

Easy accounting

The more number of customers the more complexity there is in accounting and higher chances of errors. However, with this multi-tenant IP PBX solution accounting is easy since call detail records are linked to each tenant and linked with rates and permissions as well as billing for postpaid customers or prepaid rate structure. Customers receive an electronic bill and can make payment through the software’s integrated payment gateway. Prepaid customers get to know their current balance immediately after each usage since the call usage is linked with accounting and payment as well as a notification system. 

Is there a limit to the load? 

The multi-tenant IP PBX is elastic. It can handle 1000 concurrent calls at the minimum and scale effortlessly. You can have more than 10000 extensions. There is no limit to the number of tenants or potential revenues. You are not limited by language. The solution is multi-lingual which means you can span international borders. The sky is not the limit. The best thing is that you do not have to invest much to grow exponentially. You could do with better class 5 softswitch and opt for class 4 softswitch and session border controller for seamless performance without limits. 

There are issues that VoIP service providers may wonder about but when you work with Hodusoft you get clear answers and solutions for practical implementation of IP PBX solution that keeps churning out money for minimum effort and investment. 

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