MiArcus Safari Clothes Collection – Things to Know

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Safari Collection from MiArcus is designed to prepare for your adventure of a lifetime. The collection features exclusive prints, patterns and stories that are perfect for you and your newborns’ first exploration of worlds together. The collection includes every item you’ll need to keep your baby smiling all day, starting from bathing them to feeding and playing with them. Take a look at the inclusions of the MiArcus Safari Collection for Babies. 

  • Baby Bibs 
  • Bath Robes 
  • Woven Muslin Blanket
  • Knitted Soft Toys 
  • Knitted Blanket 
  • Knitted Mattress Protector 
  • Knitted Rompers 
  • Knitted Wrap
  • Knitted Sleep Suit 
  • Knitted Play Mat 
  • Hooded Towel 
  • Triangle Bibs
  • Knitted Sleeping Bag
  • Knitted Sleep Suit 
  • Wash Cloth 

All products in the MiArcus Safari range are made using a high quality knit technology for free flow and movement of your child. Additionally, all items feature premium organic cotton which is a better, chemical-free alternative to regular industrial cotton. 

The use of premium organic cotton in MiArcus Products

Raising a kid well is one of the main concerns of all new moms. Therefore, the baby dresses and other essential items made at MiArcus, including the Safari Clothes For Baby, are made using organic cotton. Here’s why:

  • We know that babies have a sensitive skin. Their skin is 30% thinner than an average adult and loses moisture real quick. This makes their skin more prone to skin irritation, if the clothes they are wearing aren’t gentle on their skin. Organic cotton is softer than other clothing materials and is suitable for baby dresses. Clothes made of cotton helps mothers ensure their babies keep smiling all day, and the skin remains protected. 
  • Organic fabrics are eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, they are free from chemicals and insecticides, which are one of the primary reasons that causes skin allergies amongst children and adults. 
  • Organic cotton has thermoregulation properties which enables it to absorb moisture. This means, no matter what season is and how hot or cold the weather is outside, your baby’s body temperature remains on a healthy level. 
  • Organic cotton is gentle and breathable. The breathable fabric facilitates a smooth airflow while the baby is sleeping.
  • Baby clothes made of organic cotton are more durable. They are a better clothing alternative given the fact that your baby is likely to stain them often. You can easily wash them without the product losing their primary shape and colour.
  • Last but not least, organic cotton, since they aren’t treated with chemicals such as bleaches, dyes, etc. they don’t break down easily and the baby safari dresses made using it last longer i.e. a higher value on investment. 

Babies are a gift. There’s nothing in this world parents wouldn’t do to keep their babies smiling. But these flag bearers freshness and joy need nothing more than your care and love. The MiArcus baby care products including the Safari Collection is designed carefully to provide comfort and happiness to your little ones. Visit Miarcus.com now and give your baby the gift of love and care they deserve. 


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