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merakist l5if0iQfV4c unsplash

We have known well how SEO helps a site’s visibility. Working well with both smaller and bigger businesses, especially when most companies are going online, blog SEO plays an important part in bringing in traffic. Giving you a head-start, here are a few blog SEO tips that can definitely help you boost your business.

1) Create better content:

While this suggestion might come as obvious, it is a thumb rule never to forget. Good content goes a long way, making it easier for you to rank it on Google. A compelling article of more than 500 words and an easy read with relevant information never fails to attract visitors. A genuine help extended through the blogs brings your visitors back to you. Say something that is worth reading. Build on your blogs regularly with interesting feeds. 

Get inspired by the internet. You will get hundreds of ideas just through a single click. Check on the frequently asked queries regarding your business and try to answer them. You could start it by doing a brand search. Brainstorm about everything that could make your blog appealing and impactful. 

Keep track of your competitors’ work. Unfailingly go through the details about the topics they cover. Use tools that rank blogs based on social media popularity. 

Stay updated with recent trends in the industry your business is associated with. Acknowledge the trends to get ranked higher and increase your visitors. Even if your blog isn’t explicitly about the trend, include a few lines to improve the traffic in the process of simply joining in the conversation.

Use the tools available on the internet to help you come up with interesting ideas for articles and blogs. This helps when you write more than two blogs per week. 

Lastly, write your own content. Plagiarism of content and ideas both give tragic ends. While you might run out of content creation ideas, you could always go back to the older posts and look for any recycling possibilities. A part-two of previously written blogs also works well. Content creation is a process with endless possibilities. Get on your creative hats and never fail to post regularly. Readers return for consistency. Be part of their schedules with regular posting. Maintain a posting calendar where you dedicate a routine and a time for the process. Let the readers anticipate what will be the next post all about by regularly adding relevant and fresh content. 

2) Using Keywords:

With every site emphasizing on using the right keywords, we first need to know what keywords are and why they are important. Whatever a user types in the search bar, be it single words, terms, or phrases, are called the keywords. Google suggests you the popular keywords while you type in its search bar. Having your site on the page whenever a relevant keyword is typed is the goal. It helps you connect with the right audience who already have been looking for related content. It allows you to gain organic traffic. This helps to know your audience better and simultaneously gives you insights on what you should write on further. Check competency and relevance for every keyword that you use based on the inflow of traffic. To analyze and acknowledge the keywords having more visitors, there are various keywords research tools available online. Select keywords with a high level of traffic but low bidding price. It boosts your chances to appear further ahead in the Google search.

3) Use the chosen keyword in your posts’ URL:

While writing your blog, do not fail to add a keyword in the post URL. A few plugins, if installed, prompt you to do the same. Otherwise, it is always advisable to use the main keywords at least a minimum times in your blog, add it to the heading, and use it in the URL site. The more the use of the keyword and relevantly related the content to it, the better are the chances for the site to be ranked higher. Keep your URL string short, to suggest high relevance.

4) Adding images:

Images are pretty vital in making your blog appealing. A good quality image adds readability to your blog, captivating the viewers with what you are trying to say with words.

A good image also boosts your site SEO. How? Here it is how to do it:

  • Include the keyword and add an alt tag to your image.
  • Save your image using a proper name or preferably a keyword.

5) Including keywords in Title Tags:

For SEO purposes, keywords in the title tags are very important. It is the same as the ‘SEO title’ for WordPress users. It is necessary to note that search spiders and crawlers look at keywords in title tags.

6) The category pages:

Having attractive content on your specific category pages boosts your ranking. It also makes your blog website look less spammy.

7) High-quality site links:

You might be confused as to why you would want your reader to leave your site and go to another in the first place. But, adding links to relevant and reputable websites can work wonders. It means mentioning similar blog names, companies, or service providers that are related and appropriate.

8) Easily shareable content:

Adding other sites to your blog brings in more traffic to your site. Any blog shared on social media platforms reaches more public and expands the target group. Hence make sure to add some easily shareable options on your blog for your readers to share what they love. You can do it easily with a few plugins.

9) Using tools wisely:

Search engines like Google and Bing offer incredible research-oriented result-based analytical tools that allow you to learn the best possible keyword to your blog and see who is linking to you. You could also use Google’s own research pages to get you started.

10) Writing a good Meta Description:

A proper meta-description or a text snippet of your content makes a user want to click on your site. A few free plugins provide easy ways to edit the meta-description of your blog post.

Some Key Takeaways

It might take time for you to get used to SEO practices for individual blogs, and your rank will not shoot up immediately, but consistent efforts can enhance your search ranking. You will soon realize the results after following these tips in your blogs. But if you are looking someone to help you out with all the above mentioned tactics to enhance your search result ranking, do contact Helpbot WordPress Expert. We can help you out with both On-page and Off-page and much more.


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