The Dazzle of the Diamond Ear Cuff

Diamond Ear Cuff

When was the last time you tried ear cuffs? Probably never. But now is the time to change that. The upcoming fashion trend is welcoming the Diamond ear cuff as a sensational piece of jewellery.

Diamond ear cuffs used to be a red carpet look, but now that has changed. You can rock them with informal clothing like a boss!

Here are a few ways of making a diamond ear cuff a part of your wardrobe:

A Little Bit of Sassiness!

The climber ear cuff is the most common style of the diamond ear cuff. But, when it comes to a climber diamond ear cuff, go all sassy! Put on a white dress and some lipstick, and you are all set with the perfect chic look.

This informal yet classy look is perfect for breakfast or lunch dates. Perfect for hanging out with friends, family or your date.

The Goddess Look

There are gorgeous ear cuffs that require no piercing. Instead, you place it behind your ears, and they stay there, elevating your style statement while holding your hair back in place. 

If you plan on wearing a gown for a party, try these ear cuffs with your hair to one side. Then, be ready to enter a room looking like a Greek Goddess!

Punk it up!

Are you a punk girl? Diamond ear cuff styles in a series of rings around your ear give a very hard-core punk girl a fancy night-out look. You can wear it with your little black dress or leather jeans. 

They also go well with Co-ords! The low-cut blazer and pants of the co-ord family wildly scream the boss lady’s sense of humour.

The fairy look

If you want to try out something simplistic and flirty, try these sharp diamond ear cuffs that don’t go all the way up. Usually, in the shape of a wing, these look gorgeous and add to the beauty of any outfit.

These ear cuffs give a mysterious while simplistic look that it’s to die for.

Elf of the Hour

A diamond ear cuff that sits at the top of your ear gives an appearance of elf ears. This one is perfect for you if you are a quirky girl with an outgoing personality. Also, great as a Lord of the Rings fangirl with the prequel around the corner.

Pair it with a sleek dress, and you are ready for the unique look of the hour!

For the water babies

Perfect for beach parties, hanging diamond strings ear cuffs give a breezy party look. Every time you turn your head, the diamond strings shine and flow, bringing the beach’s starry sky onto the land.

Try pairing it up with a sexy mini dress or a flowy dress; it goes equally well for both. Don’t believe it? Try it out yourself!


Diamond ear cuffs have become a fashion statement. The type of ear cuff you choose tells a lot about your personality and mood of the hour. It is jewellery that any gal can sport. You just have to pick one that is your right vibe.

Easy to wear and chic up all your looks, be it casual, office or Friday night, diamond ear cuffs are exotic and versatile.

Fun, quirky, unique ear cuffs are a must-have item in your wardrobe!


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