The pattern of a negative thought: How to Overcome

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A negative thought is a way of thinking that has various negative consequences. This is founded on false assumptions or partial facts, which does not take into account important proof, which would contribute to different outcomes. Negative thinking is static, absolute and most of the facts are not endorsed. Negative thinking is difficult to recognize.

So, as you fall into a negative cycle you should learn to recognize, and then reset and direct your thoughts toward a more positive or optimistic direction.

When you manage to change your negative thought for several months and years, you may also adjust your brain’s patterns of neural connections to respond more groundedly and with less fear and flexibility to life events. How do people get out of such negative patterns of thinking and replace them with interesting ideas? Some important tips are provided here:

1. Practice Mindfulness

You must become completely aware of the existing ways of thought to develop more positive habits. You should recognize the thinking patterns that have become too common by cultivating awareness and then determine whether or not you can speak about them. Live quietly for a couple of minutes, then slowly shift further in your work in the morning or the evening! If an idea arises, immediately turn the attention to your breath instead of connecting to it.

2. Inner Critic

Your inner critic loves to persuade you about facts that are not real and that you sometimes feel terrible for yourself. Speak of this unique voice as a different entity from you. Challenge the lies you are trying to feed. 

3. Write it

It is a wonderful way not just to unburden your thinking, but also to gain knowledge something about one’s nature. Sometimes you don’t know how negative your thinking is. You can classify the aspects that you need your attention by writing them down. Preferably in the morning, writing things down is the perfect time to place the wave of consciousness on paper.

4. Positive Affirmation

This is a perfect way to draw you out of the stream of negative thoughts, to get you back to the current moment to repeat a mantra or positive statement. It can be recited when you feel negativity flowing or repetitively all day long to avoid concentrating on negative thoughts. You can choose any word or sentence which will help you to get back into the present and remind you to always focus more on the positive.

5. Change Surroundings

Your thoughts often sound so clear that the only thing to do is to certainly completely change the physical environment. Go for a nice walk in the countryside, run / go jogging, or even meet a buddy. It is about something other than a depressive cycle, so that later when you are in a clearer headspace, you can come back to the problem.

Negative thought outcomes

Negative thinking has drastic impacts. One negative thought like thinking about girls,  hanging over another starts to make an impact on how you see yourself and life, of course.

Such negative self-marking will lead to sadness if you believe you are broken, unfixed, or even inconsistent. You have a trapped perspective of yourself that is unrealistic. A helpless sensation is one of the popular causes of depression.

Negative thought which can lead to stress and sadness can also lead to addiction so you may use drugs and drink, or smoke for relief when anxiety and depression are too unbearable.


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