Tips to increase milk supply

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hu huansha 9Q h O993g unsplash

The initial first four to six weeks of breastfeeding are very crucial for successful breastfeeding and especially if you are the new mum. When all this process is going on of you and your baby figuring out a complete proper routine this is the time when the mother must establish a strong healthy supply of breast milk( some tips to establish breastfeeding practice). Being a mother you would be worried about making enough breast milk so that your baby isn’t hungry in the first few weeks full stop it is most commonly seen that every woman is not able to make enough breast milk. There are ways in which the supply can be increased in a very natural and simple way.


This is the most important thing that needs to be correct that the baby is large in properly on your breast. This is one of the most efficient ways to increase the supply; in case of a poor latch this can create hindrance in the supply of the breast milk. Even if there is no proper latch the baby cannot try to remove the milk from the breast properly. if the baby is latched properly and taking the milk from your breast it will stimulate your body so that you can produce more milk also for increasing problems a person can contact a lactation consultant.

 Continuing to breastfeed 

First initial weeks when the baby is born the breastfeeding should be in every 2 to 3 hours looking theory at the clock. If there is more than three and a half-hour that I have passed you should we cure baby up to 1 hour. Even if your child is older and who has been on breastfeeding for a very long and the length of the sessions it is very important to consult the doctor and take care of this to either continue or not.

 Breast compression

 This is one little technique that has helped the babies to take more milk from the breast while breastfeeding for stop it is again very important to remove milk from the breast especially when you’re using a breast pump. In case if the child is breastfeeding where there is no need of rest compression. In case if a baby is sleepy or a newborn then the breast compression that is milk flowing and your baby is drinking milk. 

 Breast stimulation

Using a good breast pump is very natural and it doesn’t cost even much full stop in the initial days of breastfeeding the hand expression can be more comfortable and it will help to remove the extra breast milk than the breast pump. Also, it’s a skill so this can take some time to learn and be aware. 

Making Lifestyle changes 

To make sure that there is a high supply of milk it is very important to make Lifestyle changes; everyday things can affect the supply of milk. Birth control pills, stress, fatigue, smoking are some of the things that interfere in making breast milk. These little changes in the daily routine can help you increase the supply of breast milk.

 With these little changes, there are the things that also need to be kept in mind like it is better to breastfeed long for at least 10 minutes on each side the more time the baby drinks the milk there is more stimulation. Make sure that the baby doesn’t skip feedings and drink breastfeed milk every day. The mother needs to take care that eating a little better while breastfeeding will increase the supply of healthy milk and this will fuel your body with correct balance means and the Milk boosting Food like oatmeals, green veggies, almonds help you get good extra calories.

Stress and exhaustion create a negative effect on the milk supply hence it is very important for the mother to take proper rest and take naps whenever possible. Staying healthy and happy will increase the healthy breast milk supply


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