Two Essential Web Hosting Factors which is neglected by Magento Online Store Webmaster

Magento Online Store Webmaster
Magento Online Store Webmaster

1. Refund and free period

  • If you choose to cancel your hosting plan for your Magento online store during the trial period, does the host offer a full money back guarantee?
  • What is the hosting company’s refund policy after the trial period ends?
  • Are there any cancellation fees or additional charges?

These are the main questions you should answer before registering.

Knowing how your hosting provider handles customer refunds is important so you don’t lose too much money in the event things don’t go the way you want them to.

Some hosting companies charge a bit too high cancellation fees when users cancel their accounts during trial periods. An advice? Avoid these providers at all costs! On the other hand, some hosting companies offer money back guarantees anytime you request a pro-rated refund after your trial period is over (Not bad isn’t it?).

2. The essential features of web hosting

Some things such as file management and site statistics are almost always provided, but also check FTP / SFTP functions, one-click install, and DNS management. Also, make sure you can edit the .hatches file from the file manager.

One click installation

There are several varieties of one-click installer, such as Softalucous or Simple Script.

The dashboard of [earl id = “1136” name = “Site ground” text = “Site ground”] is customized, it is easy to auto-install popular applications like WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla.

Anyway, with one click installation, your life will be a little easier. These are installation wizards that help you install other programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or a host of other web applications. You will only have to fill in a few names, and maybe specify a directory, or a little more.

FTP / SFTP access

FTP / SFTP access is very useful for ensuring safe large file transfers. Some web hosts try to get by with the file manager, but of course it’s usually a bit limited. access on In Motion Hosting.

Access to the .hatches file

The .hatches file in Magento is also extremely powerful in helping you make administrative changes depending on the scale of your site. It controls almost everything from redirects to authentication and password management, and will be essential at some point in your future endeavors.

Unless you sign up with a specialist host, like WP Engine and Presidium (which mainly focus on WordPress hosting as compare to magento store), these are features to have. You shouldn’t choose a hosting provider that doesn’t include them in their offerings.

Ignore Disk Space and Data Transfer Capacity (for now)

These days, disk space and data transfers are less important comparison factors for buyers, especially new ones.

If you check, most shared Magento hosting providers offer “Unlimited” storage and data transfer. Although the term “Unlimited” is only a marketing term, most web hosting users gain more than enough capacity in terms of storage bandwidth and data transfer. (Often times, it’s the RAM and processing power that limits the use of an unlimited hosting account.)

Come to think of it, disk storage and bandwidth don’t matter much to an average website owner. Images can be stored on Imager or Flickr, files and documents on Google Doc, videos on YouTube and Video, and large files on one of the many cloud storage sites out there.

Storage in your hosting or bandwidth is therefore not your priority at the moment.

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