5 Reasons Why Wooden Toys are the Best Gifts for Kids

Wooden Toys

As gadgets designed using the latest tech and video games are the ‘toys’ for the current generation of children, parents often remember the good old days when their colourful favourite toys scattered around their rooms. One good thing about those toys is that they never go out of fashion, and when given a chance, even the modern kid is bound to be fascinated by them. Wooden toys for kids are timeless, charming when presented as gifts, and the children are bound to fall in love with them because they never run out of batteries.

1) They Can Be Passed Down the Generations Filled with Memories

What can make a bright shiny toy better? A toy filled with stories associated with them. Wooden toys are known to have long lifespans. This is why if one looks around, they can find many of their parent’s or grandparent’s toys still intact in the attic. What makes them even more interesting is that the child and the parents can share their own stories and pretend to play that they love engaging in as they bond. They are made of good quality, and these children can pass their wooden toys down to their future kids, making them cherish them in the years to come. 

2)    Wood Is a Safer Option Than Plastic

Toys are an important part of a child’s development, and the children sure do love spending most of their time with them. They hold them in their hands, run them down their arms and sometimes put them inside their mouths. Toys made of plastic and chemicals would be hazardous for them and pose health issues. Natural toys made of wood do not pose such health hazards. The best wooden toy stores pride themselves in producing quality and safe products for kids made with child-friendly paint, lacquers and stains. This would surely ensure peace of mind for parents. 

3)    Wooden Toys Are Relatively More Durable Than Plastic

It is impossible to imagine children handling their toys with care and gentleness. Most of the toys are spread all over the room, and children usually bang them on the ground and throw them. Most plastic toys wired with electronic boards and chips are prone to breakage and damage if handled harshly. Wooden toys are built to withstand pressure and the recklessness posed by children as their capacity to wear and tear lasts longer. 

4)    Kids Develop Creative Play

As opposed to video games and electronic gadgets, which stimulate the children mostly through a screen or the remote, wooden toys for kids enable the child’s imagination to nurture their creativity. Parents and the children would be able to recognise their ability and curiosity with creative pretend play and develop on them. What’s more, physically playing with wooden toys develops problem-solving skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination and motor skills and the overall cognitive development of the children

5)    Wood is Sustainable 

One of the best things about wooden toys for kids is that they are environmentally friendly. In a world where pollution, climate change, and ever-increasing carbon footprint has become the pressing concern, parents can now feel satisfied that they are doing their part by choosing a sustainable toy for their children, contributing to securing their future. Parents can also encourage the idea of sustainability and create awareness in children by engaging them with wooden toys. The best quality wooden toys for kids are usually made with the best quality materials available without any chemical processing, which ensures the child’s safety in the present and the future.


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