Formal or Costume? Attend a Theme Party your Way!

Theme parties are not easy to attend as not everyone feels comfortable transforming themselves, or not everyone is good with following a proper motif. A person having a theme party should concern with all these things. 

Violent and vulgar subjects lead to people not attending your parties. No one loves to leave their comfort zones. If you have to go to a costume party, always keep your ease first. 

Don’t like costumes, you’re not alone!

Not everyone gets excited about wearing a costume in any event, so if you don’t like going to a party in any costume, just avoid the outfit and attend the party. Go with any formal dress and leave the costume as it is essential for you to enjoy the party instead of suffocating yourself in any attire.

Go with your blazer suits or wear a formal dress with any jacket to make it more of party wear! Don’t be shy or feel like you are going to get humiliated cause you are not! Take care of these things.

  • You are not obliged to anyone if you don’t like the subject just don’t follow that. No one is going to arrest you for not attending a party or attending a party in wearing Leather jackets for men for a fancy look instead of going with a thematic outfit.
  • Superhero theme parties can be attended in hoodies and shirts inspired by those superheroes, you are not bound to go for a costume always. You can wear any dress your favorite superhero wore in the movie other than that whole costume.
  • If you don’t like it when others make you unrelaxed or you have to go as a tiresome person, then keep in your mind when you are throwing a party, you got to let go of such things. You have to choose ideas easy and accessible to every person on your guest list.

A Wholesome Guide on Theme Parties.

A theme party should be for everyone, and subjects should be comfortable and classic for everyone to follow. Too vulgar or open motifs can be bumpy for your friends. You are not going to love the idea of your friends not attending your parties. Here are some cool party’s ideas for you.

Go With Disney Characters.

Disney characters are cute and adorable. They are loved by everyone, and if you are planning on throwing an appealing birthday party, nothing is better than the Disney theme. No matter how old we all grow up, Disney characters will have a special place in our hearts. 

Go with snow-white if you love princess and their tragic stories. You can always choose to go with a motif with all princesses, as it’ll help everyone. Now everyone can come as their favorite character from princess oriented movies.

Cartoons till Eternity!

If you all have been grown up watching cartoons, this is the right time to exaggerate. Go for a party with a cartoon network as a subject. Trust me, everyone’s gonna love it from sexy Daphne Blake and chic style nerd Velma Dinkley to Ben 10’s cool avatar transformations. This party will be going to have a whole new world.

Try a different world this time!

We all have foreign friends and make them feel home and throw a party that belongs to their culture or specific ideas of their homelands. For example, you can go with the different movie industry, like if you have an Indian friend go with the Bollywood theme party. Go with Indian culture as it has a wide variety, and it’ll be an easier task for everyone to copy them. 

You can also go for Spanish or German cinema as you’ll have many ideas to follow, whether it is the music industry or their culture. Their old cultural dresses and food will uplift your party.

Relive your ancestor’s life in Retro Night!

Go with the 70’s disco, 80’s vintage clothing, or 90’s rock and roll. Shimmery pants, disco lights, and cool jazzy outfits are readily available, and everyone can carry the vintage look. Don’t limit your party to shiny attires, if someone wants to follow the classical retro theme, let them.

From shiny disco pants and bright makeups to cute poodle skirts and oversize blazers, everything about the ’90s is so fascinating and loveable that your party will rock.

Throw The Color Out Of The Window This Time!

Go for the black and white theme for the party and everyone will love it. Just the people in there casual dresses looking their best, but without any colors. Colorless silk and shiny curtains with black and white masks, white Classical columns, black and white shimmery stars, black chandeliers, and black and white decorative pieces.

Life is a Joke, Live it hysterically!

As in the era of social media, the only best thing is a meme. A little clip or any picture makes us laugh, and we forget about our sorrows for a while. There’s nothing better than throwing a meme party to make everyone think about their favorite meme and recreate it.

If you think memes aren’t enough, combine it with Snapchat and Instagram filters. From dog filter to glass skin, every filter is unique in its way. People love to use them, so they are going too thrilled after replicating them.

Throw a pajama party!

Pajama party might seem a little bit too odd, but this time trust me, nothing is better than enjoying a cozy slumber party with your friends after a whole tiring event! Put pajamas on the theme, so people don’t end up getting so formally ready and all.

Superheroes are always here to save your ass!

Throw a trendy theme party, pick a superhero as a subject, and let people enjoy it. This time make it a little different, don’t push anyone to wear a definite costume and anything like that. Allow people to breathe, instead of sultry costumes, if anyone wants to wear something else associated with their favorite heroes, allow them. From captain marvel jacket to Ironman suit, everything should be wearable at a party to make it more fun!

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