Hot Red Ensembles for Exotic Party Appearance!

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Have you noticed how quickly red has claimed our wardrobes and runways? The cardinal shade has won every front and is now on its way to claiming streets. The red color is as bold as they come – this in no way means that you get a free hand in styling the king of shades. If anything, this is the only shade that requires mind work as compared to others. 

To define how it has created phenomenal outfits, you only need a single example. Kaneda, from the iconic anime film, Akira wore a classic Akira Jacket that still appreciated for its dynamic characteristics. Stunning outfits are usually in the deepest shades of red. This shade has a brilliant touch that entices feelings in everyone. 

Considered one of the most difficult colors to play with, it requires knowledge and practice to master the art of accommodating a striking red shade. Whether it’s a lighter hue or a deep one, red demands attention whenever you flaunt it, nail an outfit with some additional sass, pair it with a red top-layer, and voila! 

A Fiery Red Leather Jacket

If you are active on social media, you do not need any proof to know that red is winning everywhere. A red leather jacket, black jeans, and boots make up a look we have gushed over for years. What makes it so appealing that we still stuck over it? The red hue – you can experiment as much you want with it, and yet it will give the same amount of charm to your outfit! 

An epitome of class and sass, this ensemble is perfect for casual as well as party wear. After investing in a top-quality red jacket, there is little left that you need to do. Suede Chelsea boots or thigh-high black boots do not have to spend a heft amount on any other accessory! 

After a skinny jeans combo, charcoal jeggings are the first one our list. Make your day-to-day outfits stand out with minimal efforts and maximum comforts with this iconic pairing. Low top sneakers are another option that would make your look a dapper sight! Getting creative in the footwear department is a plus point with this timeless apparel! 

When black becomes boring, add some plaid pants! It gives a sassy casual look full of style. These plaids are only going to divert the attention to your blood red top-layer! Whether it is a cherry red, crimson, ruby, or wine red, these bottoms are perfect for a leather outfit! 

Overcoats in Scarlet

To keep your style simple and classy, make your wardrobe a better place for long coats. Keep it spacious and clean to store your trench coats in scarlet. They are high-end apparel perfect for any formal outing. Whether it is a date night, a business dinner, a meeting on the weekend, or a fundraiser, you only need a red overcoat to grab all the attention to yourself! 

Make room for lighter shades of red such as mahogany and raspberry wine, to keep it a low-key trend. When you have to be a subtle queen, these shades come in handy. No matter the shade, in the end, red is all that matters, so better get your hands on at least one piece (because they are irresistible). 

Heels for formals and trainers for casual are the usual go-to picks for women. It would be foolish to assume that red coats only made for women, especially the darker hues. Men can easily flaunt them with their cardigans, turtle necks, and crew neck if they know their way around a dark shade. 

Besides the striking quality of the red color, it is full of good vibes. Who doesn’t want a mood lifter in the middle of a meeting or a boring dinner? It is a great conversation starter as well as it depicts your elite taste in fashion. 

Red in Casual, Red in Formal

Whether you are going to a grocery store or crashing a black-tie event, a red bomber or a red trench coat will make your outfit stand out with no extra efforts required. Keep in mind that fashion has never defined boundaries for anyone; these superficial rules are made by the majority to limit experiments. 

If you have the guts, bend the rules and make your ones. The red color is one of those apparel that has a rebellious tinge to it. Simply donning a red coat or jacket to lunch is enough to make everyone turn their head around a couple of times to look at you. Cherish in the attention you grab with this classic apparel and revel in the exquisite feeling of a pretty red outfit! 

Since they are considered a gem in both formal and casual outfits, you better get a couple of top-layers appropriate for every event. A movie night with friends will become an exciting adventure if you have a snug cropped red jacket! 

Take a Closer Look at Anime

Apart from the mainstream media, there are many other sources you can turn to when searching for inspiration. One of the most significant sources in today’s fashion is the anime – a particular hand-drawn Japanese animation. Anime was first popular only in Japan, but with a blockbuster classic, Akira, it became a worldwide sensation. 

Akira was released more than three decades ago but had the same hold on its fans like it did in the late 80s. One would ponder why has an animated film stirred so much crowd, but it is not an ordinary film. Every ten years, fans gather and celebrate the pioneers of anime in the signature apparel. Especially the female fans, they flaunt the iconic red shade in their Women Akira Jackets proudly. Now it is not just the street style but the cosplay world as well that has been influenced by the power of red! 


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