How to Prepare Yourself Before a Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

Oral or dental surgery is as serious as any other surgery, and just because you don’t go to the operation theatre doesn’t mean it’s a simple procedure. There’re many things one must do before going for the surgery, which will help you recover faster and avoid issues during the surgery.

You can always consult with your dentist for suggestions and tips before surgery—and if you are in Paddington for dental surgery, there are some basic things you must follow. 

The inner-city area of Sydney, NSW, is located three kilometres east of Sydney central business district. Paddington is surrounded by many government institutions, and people in the city are very aware of personal hygiene and oral care. The healthcare system is the best in Paddington, attracting many to move into the city.

This article will list the essential things to consider before the oral surgery to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Things you should do before an oral surgery are:

Read your pre-op instructions.

There are many pre and post-surgery procedures, and to understand it, you must read the pre-op instructions. There’ll be instructions and details of the operation procedure in the list, and they’ll also mention the drugs you must take, information on the anesthesia, and ways to prepare for it.

Pick your medication in advance.

After the surgery, you need rest to recover and start doing regular activities. It is better to collect all the required medicines before surgery to avoid travelling post-surgery for purchases.

Have a companion on the day of surgery

The effect of anesthesia remains for hours even after the surgery, and you need someone to escort you safely to your home. Having a family member or friend to help you reach home and settle down is a good idea. If you have no one available to bring you, you’ll be asked to stay until it’s safe for you to return. 


It is a standard procedure one must follow before surgeries, and dental surgery is no different. You must keep your stomach empty; prescribed medication should be consumed with just a sip of water. If you are in Paddington for dental surgery, you can order food a few hours after the surgery as the city has many food courts and restaurant.

Wear the right clothing

Remember to wear the proper/suitable clothing for the surgery. By right, clothing means loose and comfortable ones that don’t restrict your body movements and blood flow. Tight and heavy clothes are the wrong choice to wear on the day of surgery.

No smoking

Tobacco is a big no-no before any surgery, and it doesn’t matter how minor the surgery is—you should not smoke for at least twelve hours before the surgery.

Sleep well before the day

It is necessary to take adequate rest before the surgery. There must not be any strain in your body and mind during the surgery, and only a good night’s sleep will guarantee that.

Ask your doubts

Everyone will have some doubts regarding the surgery and the precautions one must take. In case you have any prior medical history or comorbidities, you must inform the dentist about them. You should give detailed information about your daily intake of medication and therapies, if any.

These steps will prepare you for the day of surgery and let you recover faster. Always consult your dentist before taking any medication apart from what they prescribe.


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