Play the nostalgic and relaxing Carrom Game online

carrom game online

Now you can celebrate the memories of playing the Carrom game with your loved family members by playing it online now! Even though the world has changed in many ways, the Carrom game online has managed to keep its essence alive and bring back nostalgic memories. The best part is that you can again play with all those members, though it’s virtual, the fun is guaranteed to be the same. So, play carrom and earn money with your skills and experiences.

If you are a beginner to the Carrom game, you can sharpen your skills with the free practise matches. When you are ready for cash battles, add money and start playing and every win will bring real rewards to you! The Carrom game is no more a time-pass game as you can make money just by playing this wonderful game. As the game appeals to everyone, members of all age groups can play this game online.

How to prepare for the game? Gamezy has given detailed information on how to play carrom online which helps every beginner to play the Carrom game. With the free practise games, Gamezy makes sure that the player gets to learn the knacks and tricks for winning the game. With the valuable virtual experience, you can now be ready to win from the relaxed setting of your home.

What is the game concept? First, the player has to select the colour of the coin. To win many points the player has to pocket the entire coins of that selected colour. No matter what, one of the players has to win the Queen.

Why Queen is important? The red ‘Queen,’ can be pocketed at any time after sinking the first piece. A player has the right to pocket the Queen and to cover it with a coin of his own. As the prestigious Queen holds the maximum value, the game becomes an easy win for the player who covers it. Being able to cover the Queen is a matter of pride and true satisfaction to be able to gain the Queen in the Carrom game.

Why is the online Carrom game so interesting? If you are a person who has played the game before, the nostalgic memory alone gives you a desire to play it right away. If not, play the game once by downloading the Gamezy app or in the desktop version and you will be surprised to see how exciting the game is. The simple rules help you to play the game confidently right from the start and make you master the game in no time. This game is an awesome example of sheer skills, immaculate accuracy and an absolute thriller.

Whether it’s to take your mind off all the stressful work or to relax, we’re sure you’ll have a great time by playing the Carrom game online. Use your skills, knowledge, and experience to play and you will never regret for playing the Carrom game online.


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