Some of the Coolest Technology Tricks You Should Know

Technology is rapidly evolving, and these days with the blink of an eye, people get to see something new in this space. It takes a few hours for anything to go viral on the internet in this more than ever-connected world. Social media and internet surfing has taken everyone by surprise with its immense popularity and rapid adoption. However, not everyone knows everything about his or her favourite gadget application. There are specific hacks and cool tricks to operate them efficiently, which are discussed in this blog. You can read them and then flaunt in your circle. 

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You would not know if you have been doing things the hard way while using different technologies. Let’s get to know some of the coolest tricks to make your life easier:

How to Insert Your USB in the First Attempt?

We all have faced this at least once in our life that we take two to three attempts while plugging in any pen drive or USB cable in our laptops. This is undoubtedly a no brainer trick which says that look for the symbol which is printed on one side. That symbol is the key to getting it right for the first time. Remember that this symbol will be point upwards when you are inserting it horizontally, and that symbol will face you if you are inserting it vertically. 

How to retrieve the closed tab?

When you are researching on the internet, you end up opening multiple tabs in a single window of the browser. Many times you mistakenly close a wrong tab and then look for that link again in a new search. You don’t need to look for that tab if you know this short trick. Just press Ctrl + Shift + T in your PC/laptop or Command + Shift + T on your Macbook. 

Bored of the same background?

All the working-class people are working from home and students are studying from home on the video calls. However, you don’t want your colleagues or friends to see your background because it isn’t that impressive. You can now change your background on the zoom call by going to the ‘Settings’ option, and then click on the ‘Virtual Background’ option to check out the amazing backgrounds, or you can also set an image of your choice from your computer.

Show the exact point in a YouTube video

Suppose you find a few minutes in a video exciting and want your friends exactly to see that moment and not the complete video. You can directly share the link that takes them to the same point in that video. The trick here to share the link of that video and you will see a checkbox below that share link. On clicking that, it will automatically show the exact duration where you have currently paused the video. Then if you share it, the recipient will start watching from that point only.

Insert voice in Google documents

You must have heard of voice to text converter which is used to phrase text messages or emails. But, how many of you knew that you could do the same with the online Google documents as well that too at no extra cost. To do this, open any document in the app of “Google Docs” then visit the ‘tools’ menu to activate the ‘voice typing’ option. Now you can initiate dictating, and the best part is that this command identifies punctuations like comma, apostrophe, full stop etc.

Download your favourite movie from Disney Plus

You must have browsed Disney plus app for streaming some amazing content. Did you know that apart from watching online, you also can download the content here and watch it offline anytime? The option of downloading is available towards the bottom end of the menu. So, what are you waiting for, prepare a list and download it right away?

Un-send an email

How many times have you regretted sending an email to multiple people when it was meant for a single person? Well, Google provides you with an opportunity to un-send a mail sent via Gmail by adjusting in the settings option. Prefer choosing at least 30 seconds time duration in which you can recall the mail. They provide an option of freezing the delivery of mail for a maximum of 30 seconds. If you choose to recall it, you can also make corrections to any grammatical error or spelling mistake you made. 

How to edit a screenshot?

To your surprise, you can also crop and edit any screenshot you have taken. You don’t have to compromise on your privacy by sending the entire screenshot. Go to ‘start’ in windows devices and type ‘snipping tool’ to crop the screenshot. If you are a Mac user, then use a combination of Command + Shift + 5 which will show you a rectangle for cropping.  

Zoom Meetings

Do you often miss out on important zoom meetings? Well, now you won’t as Zoom app has a feature of ‘meeting settings’ where you can activate meeting reminders. This will send a text notification on your mobile as a reminder. You can also use filters to make you look attractive for a lasting impression. This feature is available in the ‘video’ option in ‘settings’ where you can confirm on the ‘touch up my appearance’ icon. 

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