The law demands the preparation of accurate annual tax returns when you have a small business to look over. You may look for a reliable accountant for preparing taxes for a small business usually in a small range on an annual count for a schedule C or a more to a corporation. Appointing an accountant may provide you the peace in the back of your mind but cannot adjust the cost of their service. You can save it all by making the tax filing by yourself. 


Just need a small business accounting software and your work is done. Most of the prevalent tax software providesguarantees for accuracy and refund in the maximized state however the software diverges at features and experience they offer.  To look for the best option in tax software for business, get on to the checklist before funding it- the ease of use, accuracy guarantees, integration with system management, compatibility with the e-signature, e-filing, etc. 


  1. H&R Block: it is considered to be an overall package in terms of tax preparation and its tax software for small enterprises. It offers a great user experience and looks for a huge spectrum of tax situations and disputes. One of the best features of the H&R block is a straightforward user interface creating great ease of doing taxes,especially to the first-timers. 

It comes up with a little expensive compared to others in the market. The partnership and corporation forms are available only in desktop versions making it restrictive for the non-desktop users. It has a dependence on the mobile app for the completion of taxes.

However, it provides the flexibility of working between the online and downloadable versions of H&R Block when you decide to do your taxes on your own.

  1. TaxAct:  it provides a special option for the partnership and corporation to complete their tax filings. It has an online version where you get to prepare taxes for either corporation or partnership with either a PC or Mac online. It provides a customized option for partnerships and corporations.

It has a limitation of filing taxes for one business with each copy you purchase. There are a few options for audit support. The state forms are not available for online filing. If you use windows you get the downloaded version only.

TaxAct does stretch as a wide provider of online and downloadable tax software completing over 60 milliontax returns since 1998.

The tax act does provide guarantee accuracy and maximized refund excluding the audit support. If you want to have added support you can add with their third-party partner protection plus by paying little extra over the defined. 

Both the tax software are been referred to the professional counts for their excellent services. Thisprofessional tax software works on the overall range right form tax preparing to error correction. You get an online or downloaded version depending on your need. Againit provides choice over your specificity of businesses- corporation or partnership. They are equally competent rest stays at your call.

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