The Best Language Learning Apps to Help You Master a New Language

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You may find it very difficult to learn a new language because it is not an easy task. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because there are language learning apps in the 21st century to make your learning process easy. These apps provide you with an interactive language learning experience you have always wished for. will provide you with the best language learning apps to help you master a new language. Many people around the globe are interacting with these apps, so it is essential always to remember that you are not alone on the journey to learning a new experience. If you are lucky to meet other learners, whether online or offline, use the opportunity well to build your learning process. 

The best apps that I highly recommend to help you master the new language(s) you are thrilled to learn include:

1. Duolingo

You have probably heard of the app that has merged language learning and gamification. It is easy to use and provides you with 25 language options to choose from. It is best for English-speaking learners just like you seeking to learn another language. 

It has more than 300 million users due to the unique concepts it integrates into your learning process. Its other attractive feature is the fact that the app is free. Though, if you seek additional free lessons, you can subscribe to the Duolingo Plus for just $9.99.

2. HelloTalk

The app’s design is meant to develop your speaking style alongside connectivity to WhatsApp-like platforms that allow connectivity to native speakers. You can practice on the app, thus reducing the stress of practicing real life and real-time conversation. Engagement is critical as fellow native speakers are interested in learning your target language too. Therefore, it provides a team-building experience that keeps you motivated to learn and harness your speech with confidence. The app can fill gaps in your messages using its function of integrated translation, and you should try it if you are afraid of practicing to speak the language you are learning in public. 

3. Mindsnacks

Mindsnacks uses the gamification and language learning concept but to another level that will provide you with an excellent learning experience. It incorporates nine games whose design is to enable you to learn grammar and vocabulary enjoyably. The app has an extensive number of languages for you to learn. 

Your learning experience is monitored, and you can visualize your journey in learning the new language over time.  The application has a layout and interface that is captivating, charming, and enjoyable that will see you through your learning process. 

4. Busuu

Busuu is free, and you can access it on the web, IOS, and even Android gadgets. It supports only 12 languages and can be good for you if you are a beginner exploring the language options available in the app. You can learn from Busuu through the simple words, dialogues, questions, and conversations that have been recorded by the native speakers of the language you intend to learn. You can also update and unlock additional course material by subscribing at a $17 fee monthly. 

5. Babbel

Babbel application provides a language learning platform though you will need to subscribe to learn. The good news is that it has a free version that will not require you to pay any money to learn in the forty language classes offered by the app. Each of the 40 classes involves an interactive learning approach by the use of vocabulary alongside pictures. The approach will significantly influence your memorization skills of basic words in any language.  The courses contents are varied, and you can adjust so that it fits your current learning needs. It makes it easy for you to recall in the case where you might have started learning a new language and got disappointed, lost the psych, or became too busy to continue.  Any time you need an app to pull you back on your journey to learning a new language, it is just what you will need.

All these apps recommended to you by best assignment services have been tailored to meet your needs, whether you are just a beginner or have acquired some experience, but you are yet to perfect your speaking, writing, or communication skills. The fact that the mode of design of the applications was based on using real-life native speakers assures you that the learning experience you will get is exemplary. To determine which is best for you, identify your target by the end of the learning period by considering the various learning styles in the app. To learn fast as a beginner, remember to start with the simple “hello” and “goodbye” and seek others who are learning and practicing consistently daily to be better. Be persistent in your learning journey and set realistic goals to avoid disappointments. If you have no preference for the language you want to begin with, start with easy-to-learn languages, such as Spanish and Italian. 


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