Wide Brim Vs. Low Brim Hats – What To Choose This Summer?

mitchel lensink aPpGkT7trK4 unsplash
mitchel lensink aPpGkT7trK4 unsplash

You’ve got a fancy day planned for yourself, and you want to look your best by wearing something that’ll make your outfit pop. But the last time you picked out a hat, it wasn’t the perfect match. At first, you found one that looked great on the model in the store, but when it came time for you to try it on, it just didn’t fit right. You might have been able to push it down or get a bigger size, but ultimately there’s only so much effort and stretching you could do.

There are so many great felt hats for men to wear on different occasions. From the overall style and color to the variety of material used, you can come across thousands of different felt hats for men. If you are looking for a perfect match with your style, you need to go through some vital details of your hat. Once you know the striking features of a quality hat, you can easily identify a perfect one to match your demands. Take a look at a few pointers to help you find that perfect hat you are after

Consider Your Style

Before getting a hat, you should look into your style. While there may seem like endless possibilities for men’s hats, just a few styles work for most men. If you go to a proper hat store or shop, the person helping you will help you find the best style of hat that suits your face shape and personality. 

They will also be able to help narrow down your options so you can find the perfect felt or wool derby hat or any other fine top hat. You can also start by considering the type of occasion you’ll wear it for and whether or not you’re wearing it in cold conditions, which could require a certain kind of hat. 

Look For A Perfect Fit

Your second step is to look for a perfect fit. It’s best to find a hat that fits you properly. It’s not necessarily about the material or its shape, but how well it fits your head. With felt hats, you don’t want them too loose or too tight because that would make them uncomfortable and not provide enough warmth. To get more warmth, you can try a black brim hat.

If you cannot try the hat in your store, you can just go with a hat that has been sized properly from the beginning and is not much different from what you’ll have on your head during the winter season. 

Consider The Shape

As a rule of thumb, people’s head sizes are usually either oval or round-shaped. It will be hard to find a hat that perfectly fits both types, but you can find one that has the basic design to reflect your head shape at least. The most important factor is cheek size and length. 

It is important not to go too far down on your face who want to make sure their face looks best with a hat. Start with those details before anything else, and then move on from there to get even more specific about the color and material of your felt hats for men.  

Overall Brim Length

Whether you are looking for a hat to protect you against the sun or simply a style accessory, you can get different size brim hats for your style. The overall length of the brim on your hat is also important to find the perfect fit and style. You don’t want a brim hat that’s too long, too short, and try not to have a hat that’s wider than your shoulders. But you also don’t want a shorter length because you would get the itchy feeling from the material rubbing your forehead. 

Check For Layers

When buying a felt hat, the first thing to consider is to make sure it has more than one layer to provide enough warmth and insulation without being uncomfortable. Many felt hats for men have more than one layer, such as velvet, fur, or other materials. You should also look for one that can be worn in cold seasons. 

The best-felt hats for men will have this feature. If your hat is not looking good, then you can always find another one but don’t waste time looking for something else only to realize it was the wrong one in the end, even if it was just a preference or taste thing.

When looking for a hat that fits your style and needs, you need to consider all of these things. However, after getting many useful tips and hints on finding the perfect one, it is still better to go through the details yourself once you know how to best shop for one. All the essential tips mentioned in this article will help you find a perfectly fitting hat for your style. Then, you can try some different hats in the store to find which one fits you best or ask an expert to help with the process. 


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